BC PNP: 2018 Canada Visa Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)

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We are here to help you on how to complete the 2018 Canada Visa Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) online.
However, you must have an internet connection before you can register for the 2018 Canada Visa Skills Immigration Registration System.
We discovered a lot of people don’t really know how to register it online with the SIRS but we are going to break down every step for you to understand how to register it.

About the 2018 Canada Visa Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS)

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SIRS is a dynamic intake management system that enable the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) to prioritize candidates for provincial nomination to the province.
However, we have some listed tools for Canada Skills Immigration Registration System Calculator (SIRS Calculator ) which also enable you to assess your score under the SIRS by answering a set of simple questions.

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So the users will know that, this time, all the BC PNP immigration categories which subjected to the SIRS require candidate to accept an offer of indeterminate full time employment from a B.C. employer.

How To Fill 2018 Canada Visa Skills Immigration Registration System

To complete this Skills Immigration Registration System you have to visit www.canadavisa.com.

  1. Go to www.canadavisa.com
  2. Do you have an offer of indeterminate, full-time employment from an employer in British Columbia? if any click YES or NO.
  3. Do you have any Job experience and How many years of related, do you have in last 10 years? Kindly select the years.
  4. What is your highest level of completed education? kindly select your Degree.
    Are you done with your post–secondary level of education in B.C.? Kindly answer YES or No
  5. Have you achieved a post-secondary level of education in Canada (outside B.C.)?
    Please Kindly answer YES or NO
  6. If you have obtained an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) from an identified qualified supplier? then kindly tick YES or NO.
  7. Have you obtained a Trades certificaton assessment in your life, from the Industry Training Authority? Kindly tick YES or NO.
  8. Finally; Candidates may likely be awarded points for ability in English or French. If you have a standardized language test recognized by the Canadaian government, please kindly choose the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) that match to your overall language ability.
  9. Kindly Select any of the options e.g CLB4: High Basic.
  10. Now Click the CALCULATE icon to register.

However, you can follow these link to know more about the Canada 2018 Visa Lottery and other things about Canada Visa application.

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