Germany Student Visa Application Guide For International And African Students

Studying abroad with a Germany Student Visa is now very easy and simple if you can follow the simple steps and guidelines provided in this post.

Germany Student Visa


However, students all over the world that have dreams of studying in Europe can now key into this Germany Visa available for all after getting the application details.

Germany Student Visa Application Details

Before you can proceed to apply for a German visa, you need to gather enough information you need to know about the German visa and why you could be a scholar in the country.

This is why many students asked the questions I listed below, they really get you informed and prepared. You Can proceed with your Application Here!!!


  • Do You Need a Visa To Study In Germany?
  • The Types of Student Visa available?
  • What are the Visa Requirements?
  • How to Apply For A German Student Visa?
  • When can I Apply For a German Student Visa?
  • Germany Student Visa Processing Time?
  • Is there a German Student Applicant Visa?
  • How can I get Student Residence Permit in Germany?
  • Are there German Student Visa course activities?

The above questions will be answered below with full details, just take a seat relax and read on. The number of foreign people choosing Germany for their abroad studies is increasingly growing each year.

Depending on the country you come from, you will still be required to obtain a residence permit for studies lasting more than 90 days, once you arrive in Germany.

Do You Need a Visa To Study In Germany?

yes, definitely you need a visa to study in Germany. There are many visas available for your studies which you will see below.

However, If you enter Germany with a national visa, then you have to extend your stay by getting a German residence permit for studies and you have to try and do this before your entry visa expires.

Now you know you need a visa, the next thing is to find out what kind of visa will suit the study you are requesting, check below to see details.

  1. For studies that will last within 3 months, you need a Schengen visa.
  2. For studies that will last more than 3 months, you need a German national visa.

The Types of Germany Study Visa available?

This German student visa covers your grade level as it is made available for students all over the world applying for either undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies. This also covers participation in pre-academic measures.


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Here are what you should know as a student wishing to study in Germany:

  • The German Student Visa. It is a standard student visa for international students who have been admitted to a German university and are ready to start their studies at a full-time university program.
  • German Student Applicant Visa. You need this visa if you need to be in Germany to apply for university admission in person. This visa doesn’t allow you to study in Germany, it’s only valid for the university application process.
  • The German Language Course Visa. You need this type of visa to study for a German language course in Germany.

What are the Visa Requirements?

The visa requirements you need for your studies are:

    1. Signed national visa application form.
    2. Your valid national passport.
    3. Two photocopies of your passport.
    4. Your certificate of birth.
    5. marriage certificate. <If applicable>
    6. Your child’s certificate of birth. <If applicable>
    7. Your recent passport-style photographs. <Up to 3>
    8. Photocopies of previous German residence titles. <If applicable>
    1. Bank guarantee. Issued to you by a recognized German bank.
    2. €10,236 deposit confirmation at a German-blocked bank account.
    3. Letter of commitment and evidence of your parent’s income records and financial assets.
    4. Scholarship awarding certificate. It must show the number of costs it covers.
    1. Confirmation of admission: it should be Issued by a recognized higher education provider in Germany, showing when you’re starting your studies and the language of teaching.
    2. Proof of conditional admission: The letter must show you’re conditioned and confirmed to participate in an intensive language course before getting the final university admission.
    1. Original school-leaving certificate.
    2. Degree certificate. <for Master or Ph.D. studies>.

How to Apply For A German Student Visa?

The steps below show the different ways to apply for the German student visa, and procedures as well. Just get started with free online registration here!!!

  1. CHECK THE CLOSEST GERMANY EMBASSY AROUND YOU: You can use Google to search for an embassy in your country (or another country close to you) to get more information about the
  2. REVIEW REQUIREMENTS: Once you find the German embassy website, you go to the student visa sections to review all the specific requirements for your country and procedures.
  3. VISA APPOINTMENT: When you’re ready, you should set up a visa appointment by following the steps described on the official website of the German embassy in your country.
  4. READY YOUR DOCUMENTS: Once you have your visa appointment date confirmed, double-check all of your documents to make sure you have everything together.
  5. VISA INTERVIEW: pay the visa application fee (€60.00 – €75.00) and have the payment confirmation for your visa interview. This fee is non-refundable if your visa is rejected.

When can I Apply For a German Student Visa?

The perfect time to apply for a German student visa is immediately after receiving the university letter of admission and securing the necessary funds to live and study in Germany.

Germany Student Visa Processing Time

It will take up to 25 days for your German student visa application to be processed. It can vary depending on the country and the German embassy you apply to.

Is there a German Applicant Visa?

This visa is initially issued for 3 months as mentioned above but can be extended for another 6 months upon your arrival in Germany if necessary.

If after 6 months you receive the awaited letter of admission for a full-time university study program you’ll be able to switch to a German student visa or a residence permit for studying.

How can I get Student Residence Permit in Germany?

  1. find permanent accommodation on your arrival in Germany with a visa for your studies.
  2. after accommodation then you’ve to register such a living address at the local Resident’s Office during registration.


  • complete the application form for a residence permit.
  • Your national passport/national ID card. It has to show you have a valid entry visa.
  • Documents showing your permanent address in Germany.
  • Confirmation of registration.
  • Rental contract.
  • Letter from landlord confirming your permanent address.
  • Recent passport-type photographs.
  • Proof of financial level(Send the same evidence you provided when applying for the visa).
  • Proof of being admitted in studies. (e.g. confirmation of admission)

Is there German student visa course activities?

  • Non-academic language course: A course lasting 3 – 12 months, with at least 18 hours of lessons in a week.
  • Pre-academic course: A course lasting more than 3 months, aimed to prepare you for full-time academic studies.
  • Pre-academic German language courses: Participation in a preparatory course of language before sitting for any test.
  • Preparatory foundation course: The course has to prepare you for the qualification test.
  • Propaedeutic course studies: a course that involves language, academic skills & knowledge regarding the education system and methodology in Germany.
  • University degree awarding studies: This is relevant for studies leading to a recognized higher education degree, such as Bachelor (BA, BSc, BEng), Master (MA, MSc, MEng), or Ph.D.

Other Relevant Information Regarding German Student Visa

Here are what you need to gain instant Approval:

What’s a university admission confirmation letter?

A confirmation letter is a written confirmation that verifies that you’ve been accepted as a student. The confirmation letter usually contains details of education, enrollment deadline, exam dates, and details about orientation day.

Are language proficiency certificates valid for studying in Germany?

  1. The recognized German language certificates for studying at a German university are any of the following:
  • TestDaF level IV
  • DSH Certificate II or III
  • Assessment test
  • DSD Certificate of level II
  • Goethe Certificate C2
  • Telc Deutch C1 or B2 Hochschule
  1. To prove your proficiency in the English language, send any of the following certifications below::
  • Official Score Report of TOEFL Test
  • Official Score Report of IELTS Test
  • Cambridge Advanced English Certificate A, B, or C

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