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How to apply for the Canada student grants and loans for the full-time and part-time students.
The Canada Student Financial Assistance Program offers student grants and loans to full-time and part-time students. Grants and loans help students pay for their post-secondary education.

  • Apply for grants and loans in one application, directly with your province of residence
  • You don’t need to repay grants you receive
  • You need to repay loans after finishing school, with interest
  • You may be eligible for more than 1 type of grant – when you apply with your province, they will assess your eligibility for all available grants

How much can you get

The amount you can receive depends on several factors, including:

  • your province or territory of residence
  • your family income
  • if you have dependents
  • your tuition fees and living expenses
  • if you have a disability

The amount you can receive in grants and loans is calculated when you apply with your province or territory.

To find out if you can receive Canada Student Grants or Loans, use the federal student aid estimator. Note that this estimator doesn’t take into account the provincial and territorial student grants and loans.

The maximum lifetime limit for student aid

There are lifetime limits on the number of weeks you can receive student aid. This includes interest-free periods while you are in school. Once a lifetime limit has been reached, interest starts to accumulate. You will also have to start paying back the loan 6 months after you graduate or finish your studies. Gain emergency cash from the top instant loans with no credit check.

Full-time students can receive student aid for no more than 340 weeks, except:

  • students enrolled in doctoral studies can receive student aid for up to 400 weeks
  • students with permanent disabilities can receive student aid for up to 520 weeks

Canada Student Grant for Full-Time Students

For those who want to apply for Canadian student grants, just know that this grant is fully available for full-time students in financial need. You are automatically assessed when you apply for student aid with your province or territory. See Canada grant for part-time students, if you are in school part-time.

What you need to know as a Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Quebec student is that this grant is not available for you because they have their own student aid programs. Therefore kindly find out more about your Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Quebec here.



You could be eligible for this grant if you apply and:

  • have a financial need
  • are a full-time students in a qualified program at a designated school
  • your total family income is less than the income threshold below

Income thresholds for Canada Student Grant eligibility for full-time students: Previous year’s gross annual family income

Family size (number of people) For maximum grant (if gross family income is below the amount for family size, the student qualifies for the maximum grant) For grant cut-off (if gross family income is at or above these amounts for family size, the student does not qualify for the grant)
1.         $32,102 $63,615
2.         $45,399 $89,004
3.         $55,602 $106,278
4.         $64,204 $117,021
5.         $71,782 $126,929
6.         $78,634 $136,326
7.         $84,933 $144,457

How much could you receive

Until the end of the 2022 to 2023 school year, you could receive up to $6,000 per year or up to $750 per month of study. You can get this grant for each year of your undergraduate studies as long as you are still in school full-time. The school year runs from August 1 to July 31.

If you have been out of high school for at least 10 years, you could receive $1,600 in Skills Boost funding. Eligibility is assessed when you apply for student aid.

How to Apply

Before you can apply for the Canada Student Loans & Grants 2022 you need to visit the Canadian Loan and grants through your province or territory.
Please apply with your province or territory.


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