DISCLAIMER: 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Application Form

For those who are looking for how to get 2018 Canada visa lottery application form, we have some update.
Multiple website announce that the 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Application Form is out mean while they seem to be fake.
The Canadavisa.com reported that there is nothing like Canadian Visa Lottery right now, so where do you get your news from, asking the bloggers.
However, certain website advertising the 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Application which brought alot of international visitors to www.canadaVisa.com portal.

NOTE: The Canada official knows nothing about those website that is misleading fake news because the Government of Canada does not issue any Visa through a lottery application.
Canadian.com said, we don’t know what’s those website are talking about because the Canadian Visa Lottery application form does not exist.

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There are more than 60 Canadian immigration programs, Canadavisa.com will like to invite you to complete their free online assessment form, and check if you are eligible for any.
I guess you will love to find out about if you are eligible for Canadian Immigration. To fill out the assessment form is totally free of charge.

2018 Canada Visa Lottery Application Form

There are other Immigration assessment forms you will need to choose which are;

  • Business Immigration or
  • Family Sponsorship

Visit this link 2018 Canada immigration assessment form to complete your evaluation below.

  1. Your Personal profile

    • Age, Country of resident,
    • Prefered Destination in Canada,
    • Marital status and
    • if you have any children under the age of 19?.
  2. Your Language Skills:

    Describe your proficiency in English or French under the four skill list below.

    • English: Write, Reading Speaking
    • French: Write, Reading Speaking
  3. Add Your Work History

    If you done any of the paid work during your last 10 year? then tick Yes or No.

  4. Express Entry Profile

    Have you ever submitted an Express Entry profile to the government of Canada within 12 month ago? Tick Yes or No.

  5. Canadian Job Offer

    If you have written a job offer from a Canadian employer before then tick YES or NO.

  6. Family or Friends in Canada

    • Do you have a Family or Friends in Canada living in the province of Manitoba who is 18 years or older? YES or NO.
    • Do you have any Family member or any relative live in Canada and who are 18 years and above? YES or NO.
  7. Select your profile net worth and enter your contact information by typing;

    • First Name and Last Name
    • Email Address and
    • Your Telephone (Mobile phone number) including country code and City/area code.
  8. Questions and Comments

    If you have any additional information that may be relevant to your immigration assessment. Will you like to add more information at this time? YES or NO.

  9. You may choose not to select the Canada Visa Immigration Newsletter or select it to get more information.

  10. Finally Click to SUBMIT FORM.

However, if you have any question about the 2018 Canada Visa Lottery Application Form feel free to comment here.

You can also Find out when the Canada Visa application form will be out. Kindly Leave your comment below.


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