How to Check Canada Visa Lottery/Immigration Application Status

How to check Canada Visa Lottery application status – Immigration or citizenship. Before you can check the status of your immigration or citizenship application online.
It May depends on what you applied for during Visa/immigration or citizenship online registration.
If you don’t know how to check your Canadian immigration or citizenship status online, then you can use the processing times as a guide to figure out how long it may take to process your application.

At this point, you will have to answer the questions below to figure out which application did you apply.


How to Check Canada Visa Lottery Application Status – Immigration or Citizenship Application Online

Try to know the type of application you applied for before you can answer the questions.

  1. Immigration
  2. Family sponsorship
  3. Citizenship
  4. Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
  5. Visitors Visa
  6. Work Permit
  7. Student Permit
  8. Permanent Resident Card (PR Card)
  9. Refugees
  10. Verification of Status (VOS) or Request to Amend
  11. Then click continue

However, if you choose, for example, a Work permit this includes. Work permit and work permit extension then you will have to sign in to your account to find out about your Online application form.

Canada Paper Application

However, if you applied for your Canada visa on paper, then you can possibly link your application to an online account.
Therefore, in your account, you can as well see the status of your visa application and receive messages about your application online.

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NOTE: you will have to apply in person or by Mail, Create an online account, Link your application to your online account and Get updates and messages about your application online.
So follow the link to know more.

Now Link the Following applications to your online account:

  1. visitor visa
  2. work permit
  3. study permit
  4. visitor record
  5. Canadian Experience Class
  6. family sponsorship (excluding applications to become a sponsor)
  7. Federal Skilled Worker
  8. Federal Skilled Trades
  9. Permanent resident (PR) card
  10. Provincial Nominee Program
  11. Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker
  12. Quebec investors
  13. Quebec entrepreneurs
  14. Self-employed people (including Quebec)
  15. Start-up visa
  16. caregivers
    • Caring for people with high medical needs pathway
    • Caring for children pathway
  17. in-Canada Live-In Caregiver
  18. in-Canada Protected Persons and Convention Refugees

What you need to link your Immigration/Visa application

A piece of specific information about your application
A copy of your application on hand.
Create an account and Sign in.
Choose the “link of an application to this account” to get started.
The moment you link your application to your account, you will be no longer receiving messages by your mail.
Canada immigration will contact you through your account.

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