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USA Permit Visa For International and African Students to Study & Work Abroad

USA Permit Visa For International Students

The USA Permit Visa remains the top-notch or top choice for all students planning to study abroad. This is a visa for many international students who aims to improve and grow their academic qualifications.

USA Permit Visa

Today, in this post I will give you many reasons why you need the visa, how to secure your own visa, and also reasons why some of the previous visas you applied for are not working. open the Registration Form as guided to proceed with your registration today:

Dream Of A Student Visa – USA Permit

I want you to know this if you are among the few who aspire and have already gotten admission into your aspired university. Then, applying for Student Visa is the next important step.

Many students dream big about taking their academics to the next level. Well, I guess now is the time you are waiting for. 

There are many student visas available, this post will take you on a tour of various visas in the USA and the full process of how to secure either of them.

The American visa is open and available for students who plan to take up their bachelor’s as well as masters in the USA.

Types Of USA Permit Visa For Students

Here is the list of USA visa Permit You can request as a student to travel abroad in other to work and study on sponsorship:

1. F1 Student Visa

  • Here, these visa is available for Students who have more than 18 hours of study in a week.
  • The visa includes all undergraduate programs as well as graduate programs.
  • If you have a spouse or children, they can accompany you but must travel on an F-2 visa. note that spouses will not be able to work but may accompany or apply for their own visa to the U.S. to work or study.

2. J1 Exchange Visitor Visa

  • The J1 visa is strictly for visiting scholars or lecturers pursuing an exchange program.
  • As a J1 visa visitor, you can have a 10-month vocational training or some research fellowship.
  • The visa is usually sought by a working professional who goes to America on an exchange program.
  • Note: Spouses or children accompanying J-1 Visa recipients will travel on a J-2 Visa. Here, spouses are able to work when permission is approved.

3. M-1 Vocational (Non-Academic Student Visa)

  • Just like the name goes, the m-1 vocational visa is a student visa that is reserved for vocational and technical schools.
  • It is pertinent to know that the F1 visa and M-1 are similar, the difference is that on entering, the M1 visas are time-stamped and students cannot overstay their visit.

Tips For The USA Permit Visa Interview

  • Wear a business suit or a mature dress.
  • Always be specific when you answer questions.
  • Get your original bank statements or proof of employment.
  • Provide details of your study plans.
  • Stay calm and be professional.
  • Always be early before the interview and submission of forms.

What To Expect At Your USA Permit Visa Interview

  • The interview is always straightforward and quick, and may only last for five(5).
  • The visa interview is in English and done in front of a visa officer at a US embassy.
  • Interview questions you are asked during the interview vary but will definitely concern your chosen program, academic achievements, finances, post-graduation plans, and choice of university.
  • Note: It is important that you can show you have no plans to remain in the US when your program ends.

What To Do If You Are Declined For A USA Permit Visa

There is a possibility of you applying again for the visa if you have been rejected before, but you will need to start the process from the beginning. You can start fresh registration here now>>

However, You won’t need to pay the SEVIS fee again, but other applicable fees will need to be paid a second time.

You’ll be told the reason that you were denied, and if you can amend any issues, you may have a better chance next time around.

Cost of USA Permit Visa

There are two authentic fees associated with the visa for the USA

  1. SEVIS fee which is at present at $350.
  2. Visa Application Fee (MRV Fee) is at present $160.

Documents Required for the Student Visa Application

You need the listed below documents along with supporting documents of financial and academic records. Make sure you have these documents before heading for the visa interview.

  • A valid passport with a validity date of at least six months beyond your period of stay.
  • A printed copy of DS-160, the online application form.
  • Interview appointment letter (original and copy).
  • Form I-20 is sent by the college (where you are going to study).
  • Two recent color photos of yourself, one physical, one digital.
  • Confirmation letter or printed email of visa interview appointment.
  • Score sheet of exams like TOEFL, GMAT, and IELTS.
  • Visa fees payment confirmation receipt.
  • Bank statement for at least three years showing that you have enough assets to pay for the first year (could be of parent or guardian).
  • Transcripts, test scores, qualifications, or certificates from schools you have attended.

The Best Way to Better and easy Online Visa Approval

Here are some Guides and instructions you should Always perform during any online registration:

    • Maintain one profile – This Part will help You give 100% Documentation over your Claim of the Award when Approved.
    • Read All instructions carefully – When you understand the steps you need, it will make your registration secure and successful for easy approval
    • The use of Recommended document formats like PDF, Doc, etc. – Documentation is one of the best ways you can get easy approval when done well.
    • Review your Application before Final submission – No Rush Always make it easy and simple to Keep your registration correct and understandable.
    • Do contact the Visa, scholarship, job, or other online portals directly from the Contact us page.
    • Make use of an Effective and Active Email Address for notification – All your notifications will be sent to your email even your claim when Approved, the best you need to do is make your registration with an active email address for easy access to your Award.
    • Always Join the forum or email subscribers for updates – This is very important for more details and updates.

How to Apply for USA Permit Visa

Do you Know That for Every Visa Permit your request, you should always make your registration according to these steps:

  1. Hopefully, your visa process starts when you receive Form I-20 from your college. So it is strongly recommended that you pay the SEVIS I-901 fee before you start your US visa application.
  2. Secondly, After paying the SEVIS fee and getting a receipt, you can apply for a DS-160 visa form. It is an online application form.
  3. Next, Print the application form confirmation page and bring it to your interview.
  4. Furthermore, you can Pay the visa fee through NEFT or at authorized AXIS bank/Citi bank locations.
  5. Schedule a Biometric appointment and Interview appointment.
  6. Also, for the Biometric appointment, you will be required to appear in person to get your photograph clicked for the visa and get your fingerprints scanned.
  7. At the Personal interview, the interviewer will ask you questions about your choice, of course, college, finances, and intent of coming back.
  8. Finally, If he/she is convinced, they will keep your passport with them to get the visa stamped.

The visa forms and registration guide are below, open to start your US visa application registration

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