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Complete Your online payslip registration Requirements and Process

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online payslip registration Requirements and Process
Before i can show you how to open online payslip registration, you need to know how online payslip work and the online payslip registration requirements.

Existing Employee/Retiree:

If you are an old employee or retiree, here you need to check your previous paper payslip.
However, a PIN number that you want to register for an online payslip will be shown at the bottom of your payslip.
The most important thing you need to know is to, identify or know your personal number on the payslip.
For you start your registration, then you have to click this link or copy the link and paste it on your browser and tap enter for Online Payslip and Click Register.

New Employee (New Hire/Rehire):

However, if you are a new/rehair employee, you will be automatically registered for the online payslips.
NOTE: The activation link to your online payslip account and your temporary password will be sent via your Email address, your provided during your HR Hire/Rehair from.
Please kindly follow the steps
2 and 3 to activate your account login info.


Before you can continue, you have to ensure that you have
a) A Copy of your physical /paper payslip.
b) Make sure you have a Bank account number


Online payslip registration Requirements

1. Right here you have to visit the TSC online payslip portal on you mobile phone or Laptop/Desktop at and Please make sure you select online services then online payslips
(For registration you can directly visit this link below

2. The moment the TSC official web page opens, Kindly click on the registration /Activate Account if not yet registered for online payslips.

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3.Please kindly Register by filling your information or details from your payslip.

4. Make sure you click on register icon after filling all the details as required.
At this point you may need to provide an Email address of a friend, that should not disturb so much.


1. Once registered for online payslip, log in to Tsc online portal.

2. Before viewing your payslip check below the view payslip button and the “Confirm Your Membership” button is there. Select /click it.

3. Then Select/Click on confirm. You will have confirmed Union membership.

Incas of difficulties or forgot password kindly send us message to Tsc online payslip via comment section.

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