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How To Start Bet9ja Booking Codes – Bet9ja Old Mobile Site

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Before you can start sport betting, you have to choose the best Sports betting sites that will not disappoint you in future when you win games from online like Betway, betnaija website or bet9ja website.

As a beginner, i will advise you to start from 4 to 10 odd to learn how the winning will go.

Bet9ja Booking Codes – Bet9ja Old Mobile Site

Bet9ja Booking Codes - Bet9ja Old Mobile Site

How to Select Bet9ja Betting Games here.  Under, 1 to Win or 1X double chance.

No matter how little the odd may be, it might still cut, so you predict games with goals not just for winning only.

Why Do We Use Over and Under to Win Games

The combination of Over1.5, Over2.5 and more can as well help your winning, more of Under1.5 to Under5.5 is also the best options depends on the countries like Kenya league, South African League, Nigerian League.

To be frank with you, Under2.5 to Under5.5 work perfectly in some leagues/club who don’t score more than 2 to 3 goals.

Over1.5 is from O goals to 2 goals, Under2.5 is from 0 goals to 3 goals while over5.5 is from 0 goals to 5 goals anything more than 5 goals will cut your game.

When it comes to Over0.5 to Over6.6, are more goals to come for example.

You pick Over0.5 now you need from 1 goal and more, Over1.5 here you are expecting 2 goals to come from both teams. Any team can win but what you need is 2to3 goals for Over1.5 while Over2.5 starts from 3 goals to more goals.

The more the goals are coming the more the odd increases, the odd for Over0.5 is always small while Over1.5 may give you the best odd depends on the team.

Betting Over6.6 can give you 10 to 13 odds if you think 7 goals can come out from both teams.

How To Combined Win Either Half to Win Bet

This is one of the best options to win your bet. Win either half will help to boost your winning, you don’t care if the game will end full-time draw rather the team you select to win 1st half or 2nd half.

Win Either Half: work this way: Let use Home and Away, Pick Home to win any of the halftime.

If Home Draw Away with 1-1 for 1st Half, you may have a chance that home can win 2nd half but anything that will make them lose or draw in the 2nd half will spoil your game.

let me give you one idea, e.g. Real Madrid (HOME) to win either half and they played (HT 1-0 to away and played 0-2 loss to away for 2nd half) this means you game enter but anything that will make them play 0-2 for 1st Half and played 0-1 for 2nd half will cut your game.

How Win Both Half works:

At this point you need to thinks better, know the team that can with for both First and Second half. This option can offer you better odd that you might never expect.

Let use another example of Win Either Half, if you pick Liverpool to win both Half this means that Liverpool will not Lose in 1st half and 2nd Half.

Liverpool needs to give away 1-0 for 1st HALF and also beat away with 2-0 in 2nd HALF which you will see this Yes HOME 1-0HT/3-0 FT.

If you pick like 8 teams to win both half, you can get more than 1000 odd to become a millionaire.

Goal Goal (GG)

In some sports betting prediction will say both teams to score.

Both teams to score is Goal-Goal (GG). Sometimes, I love GG but I prefer Over1.5 over GG but GG is far better with good odd than over1.5.

In GG, you don’t need any team to win or any team can win but let them capable of scoring goals. If the two teams both score then you GG is safe, if one team score 1 to 10 goals and the 2nd team couldn’t score a single goal that means your game has cut.

Before selecting it, make sure both teams will score.

List online sports betting prediction

There are a lot of Websites and Facebook page who predict mates who to win and to lose.

No one has 100% sure games and there is nothing like fix games to my own beliefs.

I believe, am what your mind tells you, is how your sports betting can speak for you.

Bet9ja virtual football predictions

I will never advise you to try virtual betting but if you think is the best, then perfect for you.

Virtual is one of the sports betting programming software that is hard to predict most time.

Virtual offers the same options as real club games can still give you.

The Virtual can only play throw betnaija website or bet9ja website or you can get the bet9ja mobile app download.

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However, I don’t know much about virtual prediction, so I can’t advise you as my brother/sister to try it.

Virtual useless a lot of people, because there are people who virtually stake with their school fees, phones, business money, and others. lol

At the end you will not still win but if you combine home to win or away to win and over1.5 to over2.5 then win either half can give you food on your table.

Sports betting sites betnaija mobile – bet9ja registration, bet9ja Login Account

If you know you don’t have an account then you have free chance to create bet9ja sign up account here. Do you have an account already? Then you don’t need to create betnaija account anymore, login Bet9ja or betnaija login to your account and stake your games free.

  1. Go to betnaija website or superbet portal.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number or Email address
  3. Choose your password and confirm your password.
  4. Enter your Full name
  5. Your address (House address)

Bet9ja Booking Numbers

After you finish choosing your bet9ja today matches then you need to click the bet9ja booking number for today and bet it.

NOTE: once you book your games online, you can quickly go to any of the bet9ja shop nearest to you and Stake your game.

bet9ja booking numbers e.g 6XBHXMQ, this bet9ja booking codes always change depends on the number of people booking games daily. bet9ja booking codes may also change to 7TBSY85, the bet9ja booking codes will never match with another person booking code and the booking code must be 7.

NOTE: bet9ja booking codes will expire once the games my finish playing, so is better to rebook the available games.

Bet9ja Codes And Odds

This will work perfectly on online 9jabet mobile but you have to get the code and pick your best bet9ja odds and stake it. Go for the winning site not how big the odds could be.

Use the image to pick you games and odd. Once you are done click the “BET” button to stake your game.

I wish you Luck.

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