Russian Visa Online Visa Application – Free Russian Visa Invitation

Are you ready to secure a Russian Visa Invitation on the Go with only 16 USD, if yes? carefully follow the Russian visa online visa application process below to view a series of Forms and procedures you need to take before your Visa can be approved.

Most foreign nationals need a Russian visa to travel to Russia. A Russian visa is issued by the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the applicant’s country of residence. To obtain a Russian visa, you need an official invitation (also known as a visa support document).


Available List of Russian Visa Online Visa Application You Can Get

Below are the legit Types of Visa you can get:

Having seen the list of available Russian Visa here is how to receive your Russian Visa Invitation from Online Visa Application in 1 minute or 3 working days. But before we proceed, I will like to enlighten you more about the Online Visa Application.

About Online Visa Application

Online Visa Application is the process by which an aspirant applies for a Visa online with the help of a Web browser & Internet Connection. During this process, Applicants are required to fill in their detail in the online form and also Upload some Files (Documents) Passport photographs, Nationality, birth certificate, etc.


Requirements For Russian Visa Online Visa Application

To secure a successful Russian visa from Online Visa Application, you will be required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Ensure You Maintain one profile During Application: Many visas have been rejected because of your application procedure. It is always advisable to maintain a single profile during an online visa application.
    The truth is that not many people are been selected but still not it that depending on the budget for the free visa and lottery, up-to 80% to 90% of Applicants are carefully selected. You can be the Lucky one if only you try and maintain a single profile to avoid a clash of Applicant Forms.
  2. Proper Documentation: While uploading your files and document, ensure that your documents and passport Photograph is in line with the recommended size.
  3. Ensure You Construct An Effective CV: For some applicants, it’s not by CV but I sincerely tell you that for Visa with a grant or sponsorship you need to make a full detail of yourself for better choice and selection by the sponsors. no one knows you, it is only your CV or Resume that will speak on your behalf.

Once you meet the above-listed criteria, you can successfully proceed to the online Visa Application portal at to apply for a Russian Visa Invitation.

Russian Visa Invitation Application Guide –

Now that you are ready to apply for Russian Visa Invitation online, all you need to do is:

  1. Open your web browser and log on to the online Visa Application portal at
  2. Upon visiting the homepage, from the right-hand side of the page. Tap the “APPLY NOW” button to proceed with your application.
  3. The application form has four-part which you must follow sequentially as on the list below:
    • General
    • Delivery
    • Confirm
    • Payment
  4. Under the above list of forms, you will be required to provide the following details:
    • Visa type
    • Arrival to Russia
    • Departure from Russia
    • Number of visitors
    • Tourists information (Name, Surname, Middle Name)
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Passport Number
    • Passport expiration
    • Citizenship (Country)
    • City (Cities of stay)
    • Hotel – if known or leave this field empty if the place of stay is unknown
  5. Once done, proceed to the next step to confirm your details.
  6. Then proceed to Pay online with any of these payment methods: VISA, Master Card, Paypal, or Western Union Price 16$ or 27$ for one visitor (depend on the type of visa).

NOTE – Single entry visa permits ONE entry to Russia within the specified period. A double-entry visa permits ONE or TWO entries to Russia within the specified period. Find out how to apply for the Ukraine student visa for international student