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Barclays Credit Card Login – Pay A Credit Card Or Utility Bill Review

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What happens when I access my Barclays credit card login page?
The next thing to do is to pay a credit card or utility bill, which you may find it difficult to pay.
In this article, we’re going to focus on two things’

  1. Barclays credit card and
  2. How to pay a credit card or utility bill.

There are many ways Barclays customers can pay a bill. Using Barclays mobile can be easy to pay a bill online.

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Please note, this section is to pay a bill. It has nothing to do with Barclays credit card login steps. So follow the steps if you want to Barclay’s online bills.

Online Banking

If you’re a registered member, you can make payment through the Barclays online banking app.

  1. Go to the Barclays pay and transfer menu on your online banking app or webpage,
  2. On the link, select “Make a payment” Now pay a bill in three (3) easy steps.
  3. Enter Payment details.
    If you haven’t made a payment to a company before, you will ask to use PINsentry (Either the card reader or mobile PINsentry) and the name of the company you’re paying, also their sort code and account number. But if you’ve made a payment before to the company, worry not the details must be on your payee list.
  4. During steps 1, you will be required to provide a reference. If you are paying (using) a credit card, you will need to use your 16-digit credit card number. Which other companies could be your account number or reference number.
  5. Confirm Details.
    Make payment details are correct before you can confirm the payment
  6. Receive Receipt
    A screen confirmation details will appears to shows that your payment and expected time has reached the account.

Barclays Mobile Banking

  1. Another way to pay a bill through the Barclays Mobile Banking app,
    Go to the Menu and click the “Pay” screen and
  2. Select the account that you will like to pay the bill.
  3. Select the person/payee you want to pay.
  4. Enter the amount you want to pay
  5. Make sure you review that payment details before you confirm it.
  6. Now confirm the payment.

Pay Bill By Phone

Is easy to pay a credit card or utility bill using the Barclays telephone banking, only if you’re a registered user.

  1. Make sure you have the sort code and the account number of the business.
  2. Also, your account and reference numbers at hand when you call.
  3. Personal customers – call 0345 734 5345
  4. Premier customers – call 0800 924 7365
  5. Business customers – call 0345 605 2345
  6. Note; these lines are open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Barclays Branch

Customers can pay a credit card or utility bill over the Barclays counter in any of the branches.

  1. To pay credit card or utility bill, make sure you are with the sort code and account number of the business.
  2. Also your Account and reference numbers.

Back to Barclays Credit Card Login steps.

Manage credit card account here.

  1. Go to and tap Manage My Account.
  2. The Barclays Login notice will appear that there are changes made for you to access your account.
  3. Select and enter one of your ID types;barclays credit card login
  4. Username,
  5. Card Number
  6. ID Number
  7. Click the Next button to have access to your account.
  8. Enter your password and click Login.
Hope this article is Helpful?

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