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How To Apply For Walmart Credit Card from Review

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learn how to apply for a Walmart Credit Card or Walmart MasterCard from
It’s fast and easy to apply for a Walmart Credit Card or Walmart MasterCard from your computer or mobile device when you know what you are doing.

The first thing you need to do is to apply for Walmart credit card or Walmart MasterCard from webpage or you download Walmart mobile app.

When opening Walmart Credit Card portal, click to apply and follow the instruction which may given to you at:

  • Any store regsiter
  • Jewelry Kiosk
  • Online at Credit Card page, now click the link page.

Below this content we are going to guide you on how to register Walmart Credit Card or apply.

Note: when you want to apply for Walmart Credit Card, customers are to login to account before access the Credit Card portal.

If you are not yet registered then make sure you register to login and access your account.

You should know this please: If you apply for Walmart Credit Card in a store via the register or kiosk and are approved, you will receive a temporary shopping pass that is excelent for 24 hours ONLY at the store where you applied the Credit Card from.

How To Check the Status of Your Walmart Credit Card Application

However, before you can check the status of Walmart Credit Card application, there is a number you will need to call.
We are here to guide you, please call the Walmart Credit Services number at 1-877-969-3668. So that you can check the status of your Walmart Credit Card application.

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Please take note: if your Walmart credit card application has been approved, you will get receive your Walmart Discover or Walmart Credit Card in the mail in approximately seven to ten working dats.
If you can not get your Walmart credit card within 10 business days after your application has been approved, or if you lost or your card was stolen then you need to call the Walmart customer service number to talk with the customer service representative.

To access, you must be a registered customer. Logging into will give you access to your Credit Card, online store, Apply or Earn money with your Walmart credit card or MasterCard.

Click the Create an Account but if you have an account before then you need to sign in

How To Create Walmart Online Account

Creating a new account is fast and simple, when you follow the instruction or providing your correct information.
Follow the steps to complete Walmart registration form.

  1. Go to with your mobile device or Computer. I will advise you to use the Walmart online App to access or sign up.

    Walmart Credit Card Registration

  2. Enter your First/Last name
  3. Provide your Email address
  4. Create a strong password that will be easy for you to remember. Please do not give any body your Walmart account details such as User ID/Email address and your Password. Always keep it a seceret from your family and friends.
  5. Make sure you change your Walmart password every months.
  6. A message might be sent to your mailbox from to verify your account. Then click the link and your account will be active.
  7. Finally: Click to Create Account, when you make sure your details are correct.

When you are done with the Walmart Credit Card registration, then click the Walmart Credit Card Login page to access or apply for a new Credit Card or MasterCard. Learn how to sign in to Walmart Credit Card account.

Sign In Walmart Credit Card With Mobile Application

Using Walmart Credit Card App to access your account?
Follow the instroction to access it right.

  1. launch the Walmart Mobile app from your phone and click the SIGN IN from the app.
    Make sure your Walmart Card login password/Username are correct. Without the correct details, users will not be able to access their Credit Card account in anyway.
  2. Enter your Email address required.
  3. Type in your Walmart Credit Card password required from the box.
  4. Choose to keep me Sign in or leave it, if not using personal device. Don’t forget to uncheck if using a public device.
  5. Now Click the SIGN IN button to get full access to your account.

Sign In Walmart Credit Card With PC

  1. Go to login or click the Walmart Sign In.

    Walmart Credit Card

    Walmart Credit Card Login

  2. Make sure your details are correct to sign in to your walmart account.
  3. Enter your Email address and Password.
  4. If you are using your personal device then you can check the box but if you are using a public device then kindly uncheck the box.
  5. Click the SIGN IN blue button to acccess your account.

Reset Walmart Credit Cards Login Forgotten Password

  1. To reset your Walmart Credit Cards Login password, you will need to use either Walmart App or login page.
  2. Enter your username on the walmart credit card login portal.
  3. The next step is for you to select reset password and then still follow the instruction.
  4. Walmart official will asked you to answer your challenge question and provide your account details before you are allowed to change your password to desire one.

If you do the needful thing, surely you will be able to reset your walmart credit card account.

Check Your Walmart Credit Card Balance

I discovered many Walmart Credit Card holders don’t know how to check Credit card balance online. I am here to help you to check your Walmart Card balance whenever you want to or feel like to check your balance.

There is a particular link to check Walmart credit card balance, copy the link and paste it in your browser or use Walmart portal to navigate to Walmart Credit Card Balance Checker.

Note: If you haven’t enrolled your Walmart Credit Card account online yet, then you need to do so.

Manage and Pay Walmart Credit Card Account

No need to search Walmart Credit Card services on Goole or from With Walmartinc Develop Customer help, you will be able to manage and pay your walmart credit card acoount by clicking those listed options below the manage and pay.

  • Check Walmart Balance
  • Pay your Walmart credit card.
  • Update Mailing address or Phone number.
  • Reset Walmart credit card forgotten password.
  • Request a Credit limit Increase or Decrease.
  • Report a lost or stolen Walmart Card.
  • Dispute a Charge.
  • Request a Credit Balance Refund.
  • Add someone to your Walmart Credit Card Account.

When you click the listed link, follow the instruction to resolve your walmart credit card issues.

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