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How To Use Zenith Internet Banking App for Transaction & Airtime Recharges

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Learn how to use Zenith internet banking app and transfer money to other things such as Gtbank, First bank etc. No need to go to your branch to deposit or transfer money, with Zenith online internet banking you can deposit, transfer money to any bank.
Who can i get Zenith internet banking app? first of all, you need to download zenith internet banking app and install it on your mobile device such as Android, windows, Tablet or an iPhone.
However, the zenith bank online mobile banking app is now available for the mobile phones and it’s offers customers murmurous activities in one spot.
This is a mobile app and is part of m-Wallet app which you can use to order airtime online and make multiple transfer in a day.
The Zenith Bank mobile banking app work only on smartphones. Here are what you can do with the Zenith internet banking app.

How To Use Zenith Internet Banking App for Transaction & Airtime Recharges

♦ Transfer founds; You can transfer money to another bank account.

♦ Buy Airtime for yourself and family and friends

♦ Pay bills such as NEP bills etc.

♦ Check your Account balance

♦ Open a new Zenith bank account 

♦ Generate statment of your account

♦ Manage Cheques

♦ Book any of the Hotel

♦ Pay for Flights

♦ View your transaction history

♦ Manage debit cards

♦ Manage beneficiaries, add or remove

♦ Locate the nearest zenith bank branch.

♦ Retrieve your zenith bank login details

♦ Locate Nearest Zenith bank ATM Machine.

This mobile app can be used to conduct any of the listed transactions, all you need, is to login to Zenith internet banking app with your correct password and Authentication pin you received during registration.

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Know the transaction you want to perform, then tap the MENU BUTTON at the left corner on the app for the online banking options, and click the options you want to perform your transaction.

Deactivate Zenith mobile banking Profile:
If you want to deactivate your zenith banking profile which you don’t want to use the mobile banking app again simply dial *9668*20*0#
However, you can as well use the feature if have finally disclosed your pin by mistake.

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