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Create Royal Bank of Scotland Online Banking Account – rbs digital banking login

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Royal Bank of Scotland Online Banking Account – rbs digital banking login

About Royal Bank of Scotland Plc: is one of the largest British banking and insurance holding company.
The Royal Bank of Scotland based in Edinburgh, Scotland and serve over 30 million customers worldwide.

Royal bank of Scotland online banking account – rbs digital banking login
Are you looking for a way to register royal bank of scotland online banking account?
You have nothing to worry about, we’re going to guide you on how to create royal bank of Scotland online banking account – rbs digital banking login from your mobile device or PC.
Every bank have an application, so to make it easy to create RBC digital account.
You must download royal bank of Scotland online banking app or rbs digital banking app to complete your RBS online banking account free.

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However, if you have any problem during royal bank of Scotland Internet Banking then you can contact the Royal international banking help desk on 03456020000.
The Bank of Scotland helpline are open 24 hours every 7 days per week.

What To Do With RBS Digital Banking

  • Check you royal bank of Scotland account balance
  • View and print up to 7 years of your account statement in a PDF file
  • Send money to any UK bank account with just the account number and sortcode
  • Make international payments without the need to visit a branch
  • Transfer money between your Current Account and savings account in seconds
  • Manage and track your savings easily and lots more

Royal Bank of Scotland Online Banking Account Requirements (RBS Digital Banking)

Before you can register RBS Digital Banking, you must 11 years of age or above with eligible Royal Bank of Scotland account.

You must have the following handy at the time of registration – your;

  1. Your Email address
  2. Sort code
  3. Account number
  4. Debit card (you can register without your card, but it will take slightly longer)

Without taking much of your time, am going to show you how to register royal bank of Scotland online banking account – rbs digital banking login as well.

However, you must follow the steps below to register RBS digital banking account.

How To Register For RBS Digital Banking

Open your browser and go to RBD digital banking registration website and follow the steps.

Step 1.

Right here, you have to select the type of customer you are.

a) A personal customer
b) A business customer
c) A credit card only customer

Step 2.

On the page, there are option you will need to enter.
a) your personal details attaching to your name and dateof birth.
b) your short code and account number
c) Your long debit card or credit card number and three digits from the back of the card.
d) Check the box to say you accept the terms and conditions, and click on ‘Next’

Step 3.

So now you will shown your customer number including your date of birth followed by up to four digits. However, you will need this each time you login to online Digital Banking and download the RBS mobile banking app.
You will have to choose your PIN (four digits not in sequential order) and password (between 6 and 20 characters including letters and numbers).
When you are done, then you click on the ‘NEXT’ then you’re up and running.

‘Royal Bank of Scotland’ RBS digital banking login Steps

Now after you might have been done with RBS Digital Banking registration.
You will have to login to access your Royal of Scotland digital banking account.
NOTE: to login to your rbs banking account is not difficult with your customer number, you are good to go.

Royal Bank of Scotland Online Banking Account – rbs digital banking login

  1. Go to https://online.bankofscotland.co.uk/personal/logon/login.jsp
  2. Enter your Username
  3. Type in your current RBS internet banking password and
  4. And click the ‘CONTINUE’ button to access your account.

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