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How to permanently delete Tender Single Account your Tender dating profiles

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The most important thing here is to learn how to delete tender single account, tender dating profiles from tender website and app.
On our previous article we receive a lot of comment asking; How do I delete my online dating account?
However, deleting dating app does not means delete you account.
Most dating site or app can be difficult to find deleting icon but here you can navigate to the settings pane.

How To Login To Tender Single Dating Account

If you want to finally delete your Tender dating account, then you need to login to tender single account. Follow the steps to login Tender account before you can have access to tender profile settings.

  1. Open you Tender app or visit Tender single dating site
  2. Enter your Email address or Username
  3. Enter your correct password and
  4. Click the login button to have full access to your dating account.
  5. If you forget your password then you can click forgot my password and reset your password before logging in.

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Without taking much of your time; we are going to show you how to delete Tender Single Account, Tender dating profiles from your phone/PC.
Like i said earlier, deleting your App does not means you deleted Tender dating account. For you to successfully deleting your account, this means you will have to login to Tender single account and permanently delete Tender Single Account.

How to permanently Delete Tender Single Account, Tender dating profiles

Follow the step below to delete tender account.

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  1. Go to www.tender.single or open Tender dating app
  2. Click Tender single Login to delete your account.
  3. navigate to the Settings pane
  4. Now Select App Settings,
  5. Make sure you Scroll down all the way to the bottom, and
  6. Select Delete Account.
  7. Once you click delete my account, your histories will be disappear and you will never have access to your
  8. Tender single account anymore.
  9. You’ll see a message that says “Your Tender Account successfully deleted”Delete Tender Single Account, Tender dating profiles
  10. The tender single dating site will redirect you to Login page.

Feel free to comment if you have any issues with your account or want us to delete your tender account for you. Good luck…

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