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How To Install Tender App Download – Login Tender Account

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All you need to know about Tender App download – login Tender account tips and how to sign up tender single account. Tender App, tender singles app stands as one of the best dating app that enable users to preview members profile.
For those who don’t know about tender singles dating site, is a free to search for users profile, pictures, videos and more.
tender singles offer free to send and receive messages, Audio chat. Tender app have been working to bring tender singles video calls, Voice Call which may likely to come out soon.
We are not going to take much of your time talking about Tender Single dating site right now follow this link to know more about Tender dating site.

How To Install Tender App Download – Login Tender Account

Before you can download Tender dating app, you need to connect to an internet such as Wi-Fi or your Data connection. If a friend of yours have already installed Tender app on his/her phone, you can Transfer Tender app dating from his/her phone. This will save your Data and stress from you.
However, you have to follow the steps below to download Tender dating app from your play store or App stores.

  1. Go to www.tender.single or
  2. Go to Google Play store or Apple store
  3. Search for Tender dating app
  4. Once the app appear on your screen, tap to install it
  5. Wait while the Tender dating app is downloading
  6. Once the tender app finish download
  7. Go back to your APP MENU and click on the app to launch it.
  8. Done! enjoy Tender single dating app.

To stay connected with your friends, you need to Sign up Tender account if you have not yet a member.

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However, if you are a registered member then you can click this link to login Tender Account from the official page or tender app login icon.

How To Login Tender Account

At this point, you have to connect to your Data or Wi-Fi to be able to access tender dating account. Is simple to login to Tender account with some easy steps. Below are the steps to access Tender login portal.

  1. Go to Tender app or
  3. Click on the Login button so that you can have access to your account.
  4. Enter your Email address or Username
  5. Enter your password and
  6. Click the SIGN IN icon

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However, if you have problem with your account then you can click forgot password and reset your password by following the steps. Feel free to leave your comment if you have issues with your account, so that one of our team will attend to you as soon as possible.

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