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Access Old Navy Login & Manage Credit Card and Store Account

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Old Navy provides you the latest fashions at great prices for the whole family when you access the old navy login page.
Customers can shop for men’s and women’s plus, kids and maternity wear.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to sign in to old Navy online store to access other services.
There are two ways to access the old navy login with 40% off everything you purchase, no exclusions.
The old Navy online portal allows users to sign in to Old navy account from their Synchronycredit.com account to manage their credit card and other old navy accounts.

Follow the step below to manage Old Navy account or Old Navy Credit Card account.
There are 5 or more steps to log into Navy Old credit card account.
In our previous article, we show most of the viewers who find it difficult to access Fed Navy credit card, also sign into the page to manage all kinds of credit and other accounts.

Gap.com stands to be one of the best websites to provide access to customers’ accounts. Gap offers quick access to the Banana Republic credit card account, Old Navy login page and Athieta rate cardmember and promo codes.

Go to the gap.com and click the manage old navy credit card, Banan Republic, Athleta rate, and other services icon.
First of all, I will like to start with Synchronycredit.com login steps so that you will see the difference between Synchrony old navy login and Oldnavy.gap.com login page.

Old Navy Synchronycredit.com

  1. launch your favorite browser and click the new tap or click on the link to provide your login details direct.
  2. Go to www.synchronycredit.com or copy the link and paste it on your browser.
  3. Enter your synchrony User ID (Case-sensitive which may differ from Oldnavy.com User ID)
  4. Enter the password you used during synchrony registration or the one of Old Navy to access your account.
  5. Click the Secure Login once you finished provided your Old Navy account details.
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Note if you can’t remember your Synchrony User ID/Password then you can click the reset password or find User ID if it’s difficult to access the Old Navy account.

How To Reset Old Navy Password/User ID

Find User ID from Synchronycredit.com

At the end of the Login page, click the “Find User ID” and follow the instruction before you can reset your password.

  1. Go click to FIND USER ID from the Synchronycredit.com login end icon
  2. Type your Credit Card number and make sure the credit card number is found on your credit card or statement.
  3. Now enter the Zip Code as your billing zip code.
  4. Click the FIND USER ID button to follow the instruction to reset your password.

Reset Password

  1. Tap on the Reset password icon at the end of the Synchronycredit.com login page.
  2. Enter your User ID and Zip code.
  3. Click Continue to provide your Email address or mobile phone number to reset your password.
    Note: Email address and phone number may be optional when you provide your User ID and Zip code.
  4. Select the password you want to use.
    Enter a New Password and confirm it.
  5. Go back to the Synchrony login page to enter your User ID and the New password and click the sign-in button.
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Congratulation you account has been signed in with your new password and you can now access the Old Navy services such as; Credit Card, Pay bills, utility bills, Order for a product, etc.
Note that your Old Navy visa, credit card or signature is issued by Synchrony Bank.
Now back to Old Navy Login store to order or manage the Old navy credit card login page right from the site.

Old Navy Login & Manage Your Old Navy Credit Card

  1. Go to www.oldnavy.gap.com and click on the Sign In account icon that looks like a bag or padlock.
  2. Select the type of Old navy account you want to sign in to e.g New customers, Orders & Returns, Your Rewards & Offers, Gift Card Balance or International Shipping.Old Navy Login
  3. Now “I choose Orders & Returns or Gift card if I want to check my card balance”.
  4. Enter your order information to view status (Enter Order Number).
  5. Enter your email address also and click the “LOOKUP ORDER” button.
  6. Now type in your Password and click the SIGN IN to your account to view all your orders link.

That’s all we have to show you on how to log into the Old navy account once you signed.
Make sure you log out Old Navy account if using a public mobile phone/laptop or computer to keep your account safe.

Do you know you can contact Old Navy Fed Phone Number 1 888 868 8123 to talk to the customer care representative? To manage old navy credit card.

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