Tips on How to Check iTunes gift Card Purchase History From Online Gift Cards Store

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Here are some view steps to guide you on how to check iTunes gift card purchase history online heck iTunes gift card purchase history online. Every time we send out tips on how to save time and get the most out of your iPhone, iPad and your iTunes store.
You can check your purchase history in the App Store or iTunes Store on your Mac or PC.
I won’t like to take much of your time, i will go straight to the point ton How to Check Redeem iTunes gift Card balance online.
This Article will offer you tips to check your Redeem iTunes gift Card balance, if you want to view your balance history on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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If you encounter any problem then you can as well report a problem, and if you can see your balance for the past 90 day the contact

However, Before you can check your redeem iTunes gift card balance online, you have to sign in to your account information page from computer.
To sign in, you have to click this link “Check my Balance” or follow the steps below to check your balance.

Tips on How to Check iTunes gift Card Purchase History Online

Don’t forget that some tittle might include a content code. Rmember, you can only redeem the codes one time.
While other tittle might need digital copy disc content code, which you will need to insert it into your computer CD/DVD drive beofore you can redeem the code.
However, if you computer have no CD/DVD drive then you can as well use a DVD/Blu-ray drive that will be connected via USD. Or the CD/DVD drive from another computer with your MAC.

  1. Go to iTunes app or website
  2. If you haven’t sign in before, then Sign in with Apple ID.
    If you were using Family sharing, you will see your purchase history for what you bought using Apple ID. But you will unable to see what other family member bought on. To see what others bought, then you need to sign in with their apple ID.
  3. Click on the Menu bar at the top of your computer screen or from the top of the iTunes windows.
    Choose account
    and click on “View my account”.

    How to Check iTunes gift Card Purchase History Online

    How to Check iTunes gift Card Purchase History Online

  4. Enter your password and click the Return or enter key on your keyboard.
  5. Tap or click “View Account” on the account information.
  6. Take you mouse down to purchase or balance history to your right of recent purchase.
  7. Click see all but it might take a moment to load your purchase history.
  8. Tap the arrow to check your purchase details, then your recent purchase will appear.

    How to Check iTunes gift Card Purchase History Online

    How to Check iTunes gift Card Purchase History Online

  9. The date and time will be appear & web order number in the top right corner as you see on the picture.How to Check iTunes gift Card Purchase History Online
  10. If any of your information in the history doesn’t match what you bought. Then you have to check if it’s an an authorization hold.

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