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Office 365 Login, Microsoft Office 365 portal – Office 365 Premium

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Office 365 Login – Microsoft Office 365 portal TOPIC3: Office 365 Sign Up, Office 365 App – Office 365 login,Office 365 Premium Will Help you to Add up to 5 PC, 5Macs, 5 Tablet and 5 Phones at the same time.

What is Microsoft office 365

Office 365 or called it 365 office is one of the best subscription plains that will enable you to access Office applications including other productive service. Most of this productive service could not be access over cloud service while office 365 will enable internet. Such as Exchange online hosted service for business, lync web and online additional storage.4
Now how can you use office 365 without download the app? What i will like to say about Office 365 is, you can’t use office 365 without app. However, you can Sign Up Office 356 without app or office 365 sign in.
You can also use 365 office app to login 365.

POINT: Office 365 Premium

Now Let’s break it down.

Now before we talk about office 365 login yet we have to let you know what you get.

However, Office 365 free subscription offers in surface and you will find yourself with a personal subscription. This is one of the cheapest tier you don’t have much money with you.

Office 365 Personal

About office 365 Storage: 

  • The full version of office 360, Installed office 2016 experience on 1 PC, Mac, Office Mobile on One (1) Tablet including the uses of iPad and Android tablet and 1 phone.
  • 1 TB of OneDrive Online Storage
  • 60 Monthly Skype minute. Now you can use Skype minute to call phones only in 8 countries or landline within 60+ Countries.
  • You can at-least access latest Office 365 applications , Features and latest Office update.
  • As for our Office 365 subscriber, you can help from Microsoft-trained experts by chat at on extra charge and phone.

After the Microsoft Office 365 Free year, then you will be pay to continue with your subscription.

Office 365 Premium & How much does it cost?

In U.S., Office 365 Premium (Office 365 personal) will cost $69.99 per year or $6.99 per month. But is still very cheaper at that rate.
A lot of people love to install office 365 on 5 PC or Macs, 5 tablet or 5 phones which is more better self. But sometimes it’s quite more expensive mean while is till better than paying for One-One. But Office 365 Premium for 5 devices will cost you nothing less than $99.99 a year or $9.99 a month.

POINT: Office 365 Sign Up, Office 365 App – Office 365 login

Let get in there.

You need Office 365 App to create account or you can use the Online portal. Before you can Create Office 365 Sign Up account you need to create Microsoft office account. But if you don’t have an account before then you have to create one now.

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  1. Go to Microsoft account sign-up page or website.
  2. Tap or click Create account.
  3. However, Fill out the rest of the registration form.,
  4. Then tap or click Create account.
  5. First Name and your Last Name.
  6. Username you want to use.
  7. Create your own password and retype the password again to make sure you get it right.
  8. Password should be at-least 8 character minimum; case sensitive.
  9. Country/region
  10. Birth-date
  11. Enter your Gender
  12. Country code, your phone number help to keep your account safe.
  13. Phone number
  14. Type in the character you see on the screen.
  15. By click on the box to send promotional offer, this means you agree to the Microsoft terms and privacy.
  16. Finally Click the “Create Account” button.

TOPIC: Log in outlook 365

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  1. Go to Microsoft Office 365 login portal (Website).
  2. Your Email Address
  3. Password and then.
  4. Then Click the login button to access Office365 page.

If there’s any question or anything to discus about Microsoft Office 365 then you can say it here.

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