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How TO Access – Hotmail registration, Sign Up Outlook Account

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People need a good mailing service that will not disappoint them in near future. We have looking into the top 5 popular mailing providers and we find out after Gmail and Yahoo, Hotmail is the third best trusted mailing service that keep your account in a safer side.
If i were to rate Hotmail, i will rate it No. 2 mailing service more than Yahoo mail but both are good.
Hotmail is a free and most popular mailing service website. So we are going to show you how to create a Hotmail account in a second and easy way.
Without been told, once you completed the HOTMAIL account, users are to read, send and receive mails from other mailing service such as,, Gmail service, AOL, etc.


Outlook is a free personal email provider from Microsoft as part of Hotmail which helps users to keep document/inbox clutter free with strong organizational tools.
As a returned member (OLD), it’s clear that your email account has been upgraded from Hotmail to the new as part of the plan to improve and keep your email safe for all Hotmail customers.

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The upgrade help you to manage all your email account in one place, this means you can add other account from the settings. You can add either Gmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo mail, Yandex Mail, etc. This offer will enable the users to read their mail from one account.
However, you can as well download Hotmail App (Outlook Mail App) to add all your account in the app.

How To Access – Hotmail registration, Sign Up Outlook Account

Note: you can create Hotmail account from desktop or Outlook email app. Searching Google may not redirect you to Hotmail web but you will find the link to create Hotmail new account here.

Follow the step guide to create Hotmail registration account free of charge.

  1. Choose which of the email web you want to use
  2. Go to Hotmail Sign up homepage or also visit
  3. At the left of your screen, click the “SIGN UP” button to fill the Hotmail form.
  4. Provide your full information at the Hotmail registration form as it required.
  5. Choose a password that is easy to remember.
  6. Generate your new email Username which you will use to login to Hotmail account anytime.
  7. Once you are done filling the form, click that “I Accept” the Hotmail/Windows live service Agreement and privacy statement.

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