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Today you are going to learn to access login and how you can change Zoho primary Email Address right here.

The reason you could land in another website which is not Zoho email portal, may be when you search Google, Bing or Yahoo search how to login to zoho email account without the zoho email direct link.

Here are what you need to do to visit zoho mail login site. Login

Zoho make provision of single-sin on and perhaps you can access Zoho email login using the Zoho mobile apps to access your account directly in the other applications in the browser.

Note: both Zoho personal users and organization users can now login to Zoho mail using the official Zoho mail home page.

Follow the steps below to login Zoho mail account using your mobile device or PC.

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If you cannot access Zoho email account or access other Zoho service then go to Google Play or Apple (iTunes) store and search for Zoho app and install it to your phone.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Email address or Phone number and provide your Zoho email password you used during Zoho registration Login
  3. Click the Zoho “SIGN IN” button to gain access to your account.

How To Change Primary Email Address:

Here are an easy Steps to change the Primary Email Address

Primary email address is that email you use and linked your Zoho email account.

The Primary email address will be used for verification and password reset purposes only for Zoho users.

  1. Quickly login to
  2. Tap on your Avatar and select “My Acccount
  3. Once the Zoho account dashboard appears, choose My Profile Info section.
  4. All the email address associated with your account will appears, as primary, tap the link “Make Primary.
  5. May be you wish to add another new email address, click the Zoho Edit icon and add the new email address you want to link to your Zoho account.
  6. A notification code will be sent to your phone or Email. The moment you verified, the newly added email address will be link to this account.

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