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iCloud Registration – Create iCloud Email Account

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To enjoy all Apple services, you need to complete iCloud registration form.
Find out how to set up an iCloud email address.
What people don’t know is the Apple ID and iCloud account. An Apple ID is the account you will use to access Apple service like iTunes, iCloud, Apple store, Apple TV App etc.
Once you register for Apple ID account, you will be able to login icloud email account with Apple ID.
So no need to search on how to create icloud account than to use the Apple website to create new Apple ID account.

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To get a new iCloud Email Account, you have to generate email address and password to access iCloud sign in, and all the contact, payment, and security details.
As I said, you only need 1 Apple ID and you no not to create new Apple account on less you lost your account.
Let me clear you, if you use Apple service, that you don’t need to create new account, if you have already had an account.
If you don’t Apple account then kindly visit Apple ID account page but if you have already but you are not sure, got to Forgot ID or Password.
No matter where you register Apple ID, simply remember to use the same Username and password to sign in Apple service.

iCloud Registration Form

Without taking much of your time, we’re going to show you how to complete iCloud registration form through Apple ID sign up page.
To create icloud account, follow the steps below to set up icloud sign up.

Steps to set up iCloud sign up.

Create when you set up a device

  1. Go to www.apple.com
  2. Tap don’t have an Apple ID.iCloud Registration
  3. Click to create a free Apple ID, but you can also set it up later from the iCloud settings.
  4. Select your Birthday.
  5. Enter your first and last Name and click the NEXT button.
  6. Provide your current email address.
  7. Finally, click Get a free iCloud email address.
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