Top Best Apple Insurance – Apple iphone Insurance

How to get the best Apple insurance – Apple iPhone insurance.
Apple offer an insurance for iPhone purchase that could reduce the price but this offer might not work.
Many people are searching for 2018 apple iPhone insurance.
However, if you are looking for 2018 – 2019 mobile phone insurance is not available for the iPhone.
I will advise you not to leave your $500 or $600 iPhone unprotected.
What will make you to get a replace your phone at full price is may be you lose your iPhone or damage it.
That when you will spend the full price at $499 or $599.

This doesn’t means you will lost everything, there are several options out there that cover apple healthcare, if something happen to your iPhone.


Apple HealthCare – Apple Insurance – Apple iPhone Insurance

AppleCare is apple’s extended warranty & support program that covers products with limited manufacturer’s warranty.
AppleCare will provide an additional year of coverage for defects and repair for iPhone including the battery.
AppleCare does not offer or provide coverage if something happen to your phone like accidental damage such as drops, spills, splashes and lose.

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Anything else that Apple company can attribute to your misuse rather than a product failure may likely not covered by AppleCare.


Many people suggested that SqureTrade warranty is much better and have for iPhone owners.
A friend of mine accidentally jumped in the pool with it and contacted SquareTrade for a replacement of it even thought it was stupid fault.
The SquareTrade help him with 3G with a policy again.

  • Apple support
  • Apple store
  • Apple iPhone warranty

If you want to get iPhone service, you must visit the iPhone suport site for helpful troubleshooting information.
However, you can as well take your iPhone to your carrier.
iPhone service may take a bit long but you need to visit iPhone site for details regarding how long your iPhone service will take.