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How To Delete Instagram Account On iPhone, Instagram Login

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Are you looking for a way to permanently delete your Instagram account from iPhone? Find out what will happen if i delete my Instagram account? Let me give you one of the best tips on how to delete Instagram account Instagram Login & the reason of deleting Instagram account from your phone. deleting Instagram account will led you from losing your data, including people you follow on Instagram.

However, All your Instagram photos uploaded by you will be removed and never to recover them anymore.

So we have a way you can backup Instagram account to avoid losing all you followers. videos photos and other data’s.

Delete Instagram account backup your photos. At this point, to Backup Instagram photos will play a big role to keep your old memories when ever you need them.

Therefore, I will huge you to backup your Instagram photos even when you might not need them, let me tell you, on a very good day you will surely look for it.

To delete Instagram account is very easy, just follow the right steps.

Here is how to to delete your Instagram account permanently from your iPhone device.

How To Backup Instagram Photos

To delete your Instagram account, you have to choose wither to backup all your Instagram photos, videos or not. only on iPhone.

  • Go to your Safari browser and type in
  • Type in or enter your Instagram username and your password
  • Click Sign In with instagram
  • And click start export
  • This might time some time.
  • Once the export might have been done, now you can delete your Instagram account.

NOTE: The insterport site will start collecting all of your files/data.

Deleting of Instagram account process may take some second or minute but depending on how many images on your profile & the fastness of your network.

When the Instagram export is finished then click instagram download Only.

You can’t delete Instagram account  directly from your iPhone app.

Rather than to open your Safari web browser on your Mac and delete the Instagram account there.

How To Delete Instagram Account Instagram Login Only on iPhone

Here are the steps you apply on how to delete Instagram account Instagram Login permanently from your iPhone.

  1. Open your Safari web browser
  2. Type
  3. Enter your Username and password and click the Login Icon.
  4. Click your profile and choose edit profile
  5. Now click i rather like to delete my account
  6. Enter your password to continue
  7. Enter Your Password field.
  8. And click the delete instagram page Permanently Deactivate My Account
  9. Tap or click “OK”.

A message will appear on your screen that your Instagram account is permanently deleted.

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