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how to delete lyft account

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How to delete lyft account: Are you tired of your lyft account and you wish to delete Lyft account from your mobile phone?
Now this is what you need to know; to uninstall Lyft appwill not delete your account.
When i don’t know how to delete account from internet, i always uninstalled my App thinking that’s the way to delete account from internet.
I wanted to register a new account with the same Email address and username and it was existed so i have to learn how to delete account from Internet.
For those who want to delete lyft account here is your solution point.

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If you are trying to delete account and there is not way then you can use the lyft contact phone number to connect with them about your account.
Lyft app offer you a ride to anytime you need one. If you don’t want the account or app anymore and you wish to remove your account, you may wonder how to do that.
However, there is no delete option in the Lyft app, that is where many people find it difficult to do but I’ll explain how to delete lyft account to you.

About LYFT Company

LYFT is a american based transportation company based in San Francisco, California.
lyft is just like Uber company that enable it user to create or edit account, book a cab online or call anywhere within location.
Users can make a payment using debit and credit cards.
So LYFT company was founded by Logan Green and John Zimmer in 2012. The company have been one of the best transportation based website ever.
Lyft app has made the revenue of 800 million dollars in 2015 only.

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How To Delete LYFT Account

Currently there’s is no delete button in the app, so you can use this method to delete LYFT account from the App. Below are the step you need to do:
No matter what email account you used (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or Yandex) you have to sign in to your email account.

  1. Sign in to your email account
  2. Compose a new message that you want to delete lyft account from your app.
  4. Message, Example) Dear customer support of Lyft, i will love to delete my lyft account.
  5. Provide your Name, your associated phone number.
  6. Give your reason of removal of your account.
  7. Thanks in advance for confirming me the removal of my account. Kind regards, your name.
  8. Now send the message once you are done.
  9. A confirmation message will sent to you from the customer support that your account has been removed.

Congratulations your Lyft account has successfully been deleted.

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