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How To Delete Plenty of Fish Account/Deactivate POF

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How To delete plenty of fish account/Deactivate pof profile account.

There is something i really want you to understand when it comes to online dating app or site, social media account.
You can actually delete or deactivate, cancel your account at any time you want to.
Before you make plains to delete plenty of fish account/hide pof profile you have to download POF app and login to your account.

You may ask why you can’t delete pof account or if there is any way to hide pof profile where people will not see your profile anymore.
However, don’t think that plenty of fish wont let me delete my account except you don’t have Plenty of fish account before then you don’t need to deactivate POF account.

How Long Does it Take to Delete POF Account

Can i delete pof account before 24 hours?, you account will be deleted but it can take less than 24 hours or more than depends if you use email or web.

Deleting & Hiding Your Account

Before you can access POF web/app, you need to login to Plenty of Fish and feel free to access your account.

  • How do I delete my profile?
  • So How do I hide my profile?
  • How do I view profiles without other users knowing I looked?
  • I’m still stuck!

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About Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is an online dating website and app that enable registered users to create profile, search for people or contact with other registered members, send message and more.
However, Plenty of Fish website was founded by Markus Frind in August 1999 and since then, it has become one of the best online dating website.
This POF let users to get access mainly in Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Brazil.
In the year 2014 Plenty of fish company has generated the revenue of 100 million dollars. As it stands now, the company has the manpower of up-to 74 employees.

How To Delete Plenty of Fish Account/Deactivate POF

There is one method to Delete Plenty of Fish Account/Deactivate POF Profile from the website which is given below;

  1. Go to
  2. Now make sure you Login to plenty of fish account before you can get started.
  3. So now follow the steps to delete profile account from the website permanently.

Deleting your POF account, is permanent, and deleted accounts cannot be be restored back.
Important notice, Any subscriptions or upgrades from POF will not be transferred to a new account. The plenty of fish deleted user will permanently wipe off your account and remove your profile.

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