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How To Delete BeeTalk/Deactivate Beetalk Profile

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Are you sure you want to delete beetalk account from your device?
All most everybody knows, Beetalk is an online dating and social media app that enable users to makes new friends

and chat with people within.
Beetalk dating site lets it’s users to create beetalk sign up account and edit account formation anytime they want to.
Users can upload pictures, browse through each members profile by searching nearby people.
Note; you can send and receive messages, make voice call and send stickers you wish is better for you.
Many people are not just okay with Beetalk dating site anymore, so there are searching for a way to delete beetalk account.

How To Delete BeeTalk Account – Deactivate Beetalk Profile PC

Yes someone ask this; Would like to enquire.. Is it possible we can delete this beetalk account from our PC?
Yes is possible to delete beetalk account on pc.
Therefore, you will have to visit Beetalk web not the app.

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However, you can delete beetalk account using the email method which is two ways to delete your account from beetalk app which given below.

How To Delete BeeTalk Account by Sending Mail

At this point, you have to delete beetalk account by using mail.

  1. Open your registered email account e.g Yahoo Mail, Gmail or Hotmail platform and compose a new mail.
  2. Follow the address and enter it.
  3. On the email provider, enter your line “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.
  4. Write a male that your want to delete beetalk account from your pc.

At this point; you can delete or change your beettalk profile account infromation.

Delete or Change Your Account Information

  1. Open your beetalk app and click the settings.
  2. Open > Settings page> cook privacy.
  3. Once the privacy page open, click to clear chat history.
  4. Enable hide location and hide last seen.
  5. Sign out once your account or remove other app from adadon your account.

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