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Top 15 Most Cheapest Car Insurance Company – Automobile Insurance Quotes

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Most Top 15 Cheapest Car Insurance Company – Automobile Insurance Quotes. Is not all about most expensive cars but you can get the most affordable auto insurance in the internet.

Therefore we are going to list out top 10 most cheapest car insurance company including best car insurance quotes online.

Right now we don’t have time to write long article about what’s the cheapest car insurance company is all about.

We discovered a lot of people are looking for low cost auto insurance quotes all round the world but don’t know how to get auto insurance quotes.

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However, if you have a car, the car insurance need some expense in 48 of the 50 states.

Carelessness can makes shopping for car insurance lead to an hefty monthly bill, which can cost an headaches if you need to file a claim. automobile insurance quotes website made a researched and explored insurance quotes over 128 insurance companies in 2,700 cities to determine which insurers had the cheapest prize, nationally and in each state.

Like I said before, we’ll only going to list out the 15 most cheapest car insurance company – automobile insurance quotes that will help you.

What is the Cheapest Car Insurance Company?

There are 15 cheap insurance companies which you don’t know about.

So we are going to point out 3  Cheapest Car Insurance Companies out the 15 cheapest Car Insurance Companies which are; Erie, GEICO and American Family.

Top 15 Cheapest Car Insurance Company – automobile insurance quotes

Rank Company Annual Rate
1. Erie $1,052
2. GEICO $1,067
3. American Family $1,099
4. Auto Owners $1,201
5. Progressive $1,241
6. Farmers $1,249
7. State Farm $1,372
8. State Auto $1,397
9. Nationwide $1,404
10. Allied $1,470
11. Allstate $1,718
12. Safe Auto $1,855
13. MetLife $1,957
14. Victoria $2,057
15. Encompass $2,129

Top 3 Cheapest Car Insurance Companies You Don’t Know


  1. ERIE

    Erie is a US 13th biggest insurer despite which was founded in nine state. is one of the cheapest insurer for drivers for its market, defeating state averages by 28%.  In a place like Virginia and Pennsylvania, the drivers can easily find Erie for nothing less than 40% state average.


  2. GEICO

    I don’t know if you will agree with me if i say GEICO is the second best insurer and also number 2 least expensive one as well.

    Now all the Drivers in New York and Utah can make save from 50% by going with GEICO.

    GEICO defeating state averages by 28% which is good average.


  3. American Family

    Many people don’t really know about American Family auto insurance but is part of American family that take over 1,00 cities nationwide which defeat state averages by 14%.

    Drivers in Washington and Colorado will reap premiums 32% and 29% within their state averages.

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