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Login (Google Docs ) – Rest Google Docs Password

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Have you ever try to access google docs login and find it difficult to access your account?
This very Docs login content will guild you to access your google docs account and also learn how to reset google docs password or UserID.
There are so many things you can access with your Google accounts such as Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Docs Journals, Google Docs/u1, Google docs login with Gmail and refused to connect.
Whenever you have issues with your accounts then you kindly follow the steps to solve it immediately.
If you don’t have an account before then, you will not be able to log in. Kindly open Google account andconnect it with all your Google account.
The moment you logged in your Google Gmail account, you will be automatically logged in to account. To share a file, document on Google Docs, click on the take a tour which you will quickly create a new Google docs document and open a registered account,

How to Create New Google Docs  Account

For those who don’t know how to create Google docs sign up account should quickly follow the steps to complete the Google Docs registration. To sign up Google Docs is not hard, with the view steps, you will be able to show friends how to log in Google Docs free.
Google docs will enable you to sign in Docs account using Google to sign in continue Docs.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign In icon and sit back,
  3. Kindly click the Create Account link, this is for new members who have already had an account.
  4. Create your Google account, you have to follow the method to continue to Googe Drive.
  5. Enter your First and last name
  6. Choose a Username and password, Confirm.
  7. So click the NEXT button to add your personal info.
  8. The moment you’re done creating Google Docs account, congratulation to you guys.
  9. Now you can use the same login details to access your account. Customer is to sign in Google Docs account for free.

Back to how to sign in Google Docs

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You don’t need to create Google docs again to sign in if you already have a Google Gmail account. All you need to do is to log into Gmail account and visit Google docs page or sign in Google Docs with Gmail account.
One Google account will serve all your Google account.

How To Access Google Docs Login Page

  1. With your Smartphone or Laptop/Desktop, Go to and click on the Google Docs Sign-in docs login
  2. Enter your Email address or mobile phone number
  3. Click the NEXT button to provide other login details.
  4. Now enter your Password.
  5. Tap the NEXT button to Sign In and access your Google docs account.
  6. Note if you’ve forgotten Google Docs password/Email there is a way to reset it from the Google Docs website.
  7. On the docs portal, click either forgot docs password or forgot email.

Google Docs account Recovery

  1. Enter your Email address
  2. Type in the last password that you remember using with Google account and click ‘Next’ to reset docs password.
  3. If you can not remember your last password then click “TRY ANOTHER WAY
  4. Check your Phone, Google will sent a notification to your phone which you will have to tap YES or NO on the notification. Tap 12 on your phone to continue.
  5. By trying Nother way, You will receive a Verification Code. Now confirm the phone number that you added to Google account e.g •••• ••• ••58 and click Send.
  6. Enter the Confirmation code and click Next.
  7. Enter a new password you want to use.
  8. Re-enter the same password again to make sure that your password matches the first password you provided.
  9. Click the Reset password and feel free to use your new password anytime.

I will advise you to copy your new Google docs password elsewhere or use a password that you will be able to remember all the time. This is all to tell about Google Docs account.

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