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How To Delete Deliveroo Account/Deactivate

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You don’t need to wast your time looking for how to delete deliveroo account when is here to guide you. First of all, you need to know what Deliveroo is about and what will happen to your account, when you delete Deliveroo account.
Deliveroo is a British online food processing and delivery company that provides service related to order and delivery food to the customer doorstep.
The best user can get from deliveroo website is to create and edit account information. Users can upload pictures, browse through list of online restaurant located in UK, order food from menu & schedule time to be deliver to customers.

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For past weeks now, we have received thousands of requests from users that they would like to delete their account from Deliveroo website.
We check why users are deleting their account, so when we find out they the reason was that the customer are now ordering from different food delivery service website.

Which they want to delete account.  Another thing is that users does not order food quite-often which they look for a way to delete their account and uninstall Deliveroo app.

If you delete Deliveroo account because of their newsletter or mail then you have to mark the mail as spam by clicking the spam button provided, mail button.
However, you can unsubscribe the mail by viewing the mail and scroll down till the end of the mail and click the unsubscribe link from the bottom.

Now we are going to guide you step by step method on how to delete deliveroo account

About Deliveroo Company

Deliveroo company was founded in 2013 by Americans Will Shu and Greg Orlowski.
Currently deliveroo company is one of the best online website and app for ordering food which can be accessed currently in UK only.
The company currently have more than 3.62 million users accessing the portal on monthly basis.

How To Delete Deliveroo Account

You might have been looking for a link to delete deliveroo account from the web or app.
We are sorry currently there is only one way you can delete your account from Deliveroo website.

Delete Deliveroo Account by Sending Mail

Open your registered email account e.g Gmail or Yahoomail.
Compose a new email and type in this email address
On the Subject please Type “A REQUEST TO REMOVE MY Deliveroo ACCOUNT”.
Therefore write an email regarding delete your account given to you.
Now click on send button.
Within 72 hours a message will sent to your mail inbox regarding to deliveroo account removal.

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