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How to delete Doordash Customer Account – Deactivate your Account

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delete doordash account :- at this point many people are looking for a way out of doordash (how to deactivate doordash account).
Reason why you may want to delete doordash account could be, because of their newsletter but that is not the way out.
This is what you need to do if you don’t really want to see DoorDash newsletter or feed from your mail;

  • Mark the mail as Spam by click on the spam button at the top of your mail button.
  • There is Unsubscribe button once you click on the mail.
  • A Unsubscribe link will be given at the bottom of your mail, then click to unsubscribe it.
  • NOTE: this will not delete your DoorDash Account but only stop receiving newsletter from your mail.

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Do you want to learn how to quit doordash? then you need to know what doordash is all about before you can think of how to delete doordash account or disable it from PC or mobile.

What Is DoorDash?

DoorDash is an online delivery service app that enable users to Oder food from any types of restaurant.
Everything look simple with doordash app allow users to create and edit account information, browse from the list of online restaurant and food.
The app also let you order food online, pay for the food you order for online using various payment options and then feel free to schedule your delivery date.
Recently we have received many requests from the users on how to delete DoorDash account permanently.

Searching for how to delete doordash driver account or how to delete doordash customer account can be difficult.
Believe me, using how can i delete doordash account keywords can help you a lot to get started.
However, if your doordash account was disabled then you have to go back to your email to deactivate it back.

How To Delete Doordash Account

As it stands now, there is only one way to delete dasher account or remove your account from DoorDash app which as follows:-

How To Delete DoorDash Account by Sending Mail

  1. Go to your Email account that was used to registered with account.
  2. Click the compose icon to compose a mail
  3. Enter DoorDash email address
  4. On the Email subject type in “REQUEST TO REMOVE MY ACCOUNT”.
  5. So you are to write an email regarding deleting your account.
  6. Click on the send button and wait for 72 hours to receive a mail in your inbox regarding DoorDash account removal.

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If you have any question on How to Delete DoorDash Account please use the comment section. Stay updated on our website for more information.

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