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How To Create English Registration Account

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We are going to show you steps to complete English registration form. Many people find it difficult to sign up mail ru English site, but it will be more fun if you download Mail Ru app if you wish, we are still going to show you how it works with web.

mail ru English

The mail ru english is one of the best free email provider.
With Mail.Ru mail Registration, there is two steps to complete complete mail ru english registration form which has to do with your username, and and other which we will listed on the mail ru registration steps.

В Почте Mail.Ru легко найти любое письмо или вложение

Mail.Ru Mail is one of the sharp web who knows how to search for a message in all your folder by sender, day or month.
It’s doesn’t matter whether it had attachments, message text, attachment name, and attachment content.
Is only if you can remember what the messages is about or anything, you’ll definitely be able to locate it.

List of other Email account.

Use Mail.Ru Mail App from your mobile

Like i said earlier, Mail.Ru Mail App is easy and fun to use whenever you want to Login Mail.Ru Mail account or Create Mail.Ru Mail sign up account.
You don’t need to visit Mail.Ru Mail web anymore. The Mail.Ru Mail App will let you read and send messages including Attach and view files.

So its time to create English registration account.
Follow the step below to complete English registration form and own a new brand email account. English Registration

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  1. Open your browser or Mail Ru App and click the sign up
  2. Go to
  3. Check in your First and Last Name
  4. Select your Date of Birth
  5. Choose a new password
  6. Floor (Male or Female)
  7. Choose your Desired postal address e.g or, or
  8. Enter your mobile phone number, if you don’t have phone number then click the link (I do not have a mobile phone).
  9. NOTE: Your phone number is required to restore access.
  10. Click SIGN UP.
  11. Congratulation you account have been created. Enjoy.

If you have any problem or you want to know more about then feel free to comment.

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