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How to Sign Out of Yahoo Mail from Yahoo Mail Logout Icon

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Three things you will do to Sign Out of Yahoo Mail – Yahoo mail logout using yahoo mail app or web. Do you know there is a yahoo mail logout icon on the page? Here we’re going to show you how to logout yahoo mail account or Yahoo logout button.
A lot of people don’t logout from their yahoo mail account the moment there are done. Please is good to logout from yahoo account or other account to avoid change of password or change of account information.
I remember in 2005 when i started using Yahoo mail account then. I always checked my yahoo mail account from Cyber Cafe, once am done, i will forget to find or click on Yahoo Mail Logout Icon – sign out of yahoo mail Account link and all i do is to close the tab.

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It is not advisable, what really happened to me, the next day when i wanted to login to my yahoo mail account again was that, i couldn’t access my yahoo mail account again till now. So i have to create new yahoo mail account.

What Happen When I Don’t Sign Out of Yahoo Mail – Yahoo mail logout Account

Leaving your yahoo mail account without signing out, will end you losing your account because anyone may try to login to his yahoo mail account.
If the person visit yahoo mail page and find out someone login to his account and forget to logout, He/she can change your yahoo mail account infomation and alternative email.
So always find Yahoo mail logout the moment you are done with your yahoo mail.

However, without taking much of your time, i will quickly show you how to sign out of yahoo mail account – Yahoo Mail Logout Icon.

How do I Sign Out of Yahoo Mail – Yahoo mail logout

There is no big deal to sign out of new yahoo mail account. Follow the steps below to sign out of yahoo account and find yahoo mail logout icon.

  1. Clickon the Yahoo sign out link beside your email address at the right side of your window.
    There is a option given to sign out completely.Sign Out of Yahoo Mail - Yahoo mail logout
  2. Click the link to do so.
  3. NOTE: you can always login to Yahoo account any time you wish to return to your mail box.
  4. At this point,
  5. Press the Yahoo mail close (X) button at the top right corner of your screen to exit from your browser.

If you don’t know how to access your yahoo mail account again then click this link Yahoo mail Login tips.

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