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How To Apply For Kohls Credit Card Online | Sign In To Activate your Card


Learn how to apply for kohls card in the store or online.
Kohl’s has better sales and deals, did you realize that Kohls sends coupons regularly to its change cardholders for even higher discounts?
Sign in to Kohl’s credit card to earn high percent off coupons, chances to become a credit-card holding customer.
Now apply for the card in the store or online.
In this article, I will show you simple steps to apply for kohl’s credit card online or check kohls credit card application status if you’re eligible to apply for kohls card.
If you’re not a registered customer then you need to sign up kohls credit card account before you can access your credit card account.

Note: The Kohls card website may be denied your IP due to the location of your area. The portal block most of the foreigners to apply for kohls card online.

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If you are in Africa, you will find it difficult to complete the kohls credit card application online.

Kohls Credit
It is an American department store retail chain, organized by Kohl’s Corporation. Kohl’s has been one of the largest department store chains in the United States since February 2013.

How To Apply For Kohls Credit Card Online

  1. Check if Kohls credit card is the best credit card for you before you can apply it. Kohls remain the best card with a good to choose if you’re a frequent shopper and complete bill payment with your card on time and in full. If you abuse the card, it might become a debt collecting card. Kohl’s reward card (store-based) all the time has higher interest rates than major credit cards like Visa or American Express card.
  2. Ensure that your card history must be up to par to be approved.
    Store credit cards can be difficult to apply then major credit cards. Your card report can lead to applying for a particular card denied. Have discretion as to what you apply for.
  3. Go to Kohl’s credit card website.
  4. On the Kohl’s card website, click the link at the top of the portal “My Kohls charge”> tap the Small credit card icon, next to it.
  5. Now click on the “Apply Now” button that is next to Apply for a kohl’s charge account NEXT.
  6. Make sure the pop-ups are unblocked as the Kohl’s application will appear on a new window.
  7. Click the Apply New button and read the membership card agreement and proceed by clicking the “Continue” button.
  8. Provide your information from the application in full and read the disclaimers at the bottom and click “Continue”
  9. Confirm that your application on the next page.
  10. Make sure you receive a confirmation for the kohls credit application.
  11. Done? Wait for the kohls credit application approval, immediately your application is approved, Kohls card will be sent to you.

Kohls Credit Card Activation

Before you can active Kohl’s Credit Card you have to sign in to
Kohls credit card activation

Before you can active Kohl’s credit card online account or register to activate your Kohls credit card.
To help protect your credit card account, you will be required to answer additional verification questions during the Sign In process.

  • Launch your favorite browser or open the Kohl’s mobile app from your store and click the Account icon.
  • For browser go to www.kohls.com and click on the Account icon from the top conner page.
  • Enter your Username and password.
  • Click the Submit button.

Register To Activate Kohls Credit Card Account

Kindly provide your 12 digit credit card number to register your Kohls card.

  • Launch your favorite browser or open the Kohl’s mobile app from your store and click the Account icon.
  • For browser go to www.kohls.com and click on the Account icon from the top conner page.
  • Enter your Kohl’s Credit Card Number and Security Phrase.
  • Tap the Submit button to activate your account.
  • Follow the instruction on the www.kohls.com card activation site and activate your credit card.

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