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All you Need to Know about Wiz Khalifa New Mixtape “Laugh Now, Fly Later” – Announces

For the pass months now, Wiz Khalifa has been looking for a way to bring on his New Mixtape “Laugh Now, Fly Later”.
Wiz Khalifa is one of the guy who you will never be upset wit and his simple, fun to be with and always happy.

Wiz Khalifa new mixtape cover happiness that his lifestyle brings, titled “Laugh Now, Fly Later”. From the tittle of this song you can already know or tell what mood of the Mixtape is all about without listening to the song.

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He announces his new mixtape which will be dropping on the 10th of November.
Note; there is no tracklist or cover art has been confirmed yet.
This new mixtape, Laugh Now, Fly Later download is not available online at the moment.

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Wiz Khalifa Releases New Mixtape Laugh Now, Fly Later

All song will be download from www.tinedvibe.com and more news are coming to you.
Wiz Khalifa new mixtape Laugh now, fly later will be playing as of 17 OCTOBER 2017 and will be available for sales and download from Amazon music and soundcloud and also playing on MTV Base.

Wiz Khalifa Releases New Mixtape "Laugh Now, Fly Later"
Wiz Khalifa Releases New Mixtape Laugh Now, Fly Later with Travis Scott in a studio

MTV base and Hip Hop Facts added that the long awaited new wiz khalifa project called “Laugh Now, Fly Later.” will come out on November 10th. Was it was fully confirm from Wiz Khalifa from Twitter post just to tell the fans to keep calm till November 10th.
With the numerous pictures of Wiz Khalifa in studio with the likes of Travis Scott, we believe the mix-tape will be filled with some high profile features.

We don’t have much to say but we can’t wait to see this record coming out soon!

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