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Verve Credit Card Login | Verve Consumer Portal

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With Verve credit card login details, you’ll view all Verve cards in one place!.
The Verve card page will enable you to manage your card and enjoy the value of been a verve card holder.

About Verve Card
Verve credit card login

Verve credit card login

Verve international is a Nigerian number 1 pan-African payment card owned by Interswitch group. The Verve card was founded in a year 2008 as a subsidiary of Interswitch.

However, i can tell that Verve cardd is a local payment card used for making online payment for goods and services on point sales or Marchants website as well as cash withdrawal from ATM.


  • You can link to a current or saving account denominated in Naria.
    It is valid for 3 years from the month of issue.
  • It is instantly printed in the branch
  • 2nd level authentication one –time password (OTP)
  • It requires personal identification number (PIN) all all transaction.
  • Transaction limits can be increased upon request

Verve Prepaid Card

If you don’t apply for Verve Prepaid Card then click verve gift cards link at
With a Verve card you will be able to customize your prepaid card quickly and easily choose from the list of already made card designs or upload your design.
How you want your Verve prepaid card to look, click the Choose a Card design image and make sure you design it by your self.

Upload Verve Prepaid card: Right here you will have to upload your picture which can be a photo of you or a family picture that will appear at the Verve front card.
Now upload it.

Verve Credit Card Login

Login to Verve and manage your Cards and tokens and redeem your Verve Reward Money.
Login to and also manage your account.

  1. Go to and click the Login button.Verve credit card login
  2. Enter your Email address and Password
  3. Click the Login now button.

Note; if you have forgotten your email address/password then you can reset Verve card login account.

Click Forgot Password? and follow the instruction to recover Verve card account.

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