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University of Waterloo Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships in Canada


The University of Waterloo is located on the traditional territory of the Neutral, Anishinaabe, and Haudenosaunee people.
University of Waterloo scholarships go beyond the classroom, to a place where experience is the teacher.
Beyond problems to solutions that address social, technical, and economic needs. Beyond the laboratory, to the research that propels industries, organizations, and society.

Waterloo is at the forefront of innovation and is home to transformational research and inspired learning. Located in the heart of Canada’s technology hub, we are growing a network of global partnerships that will benefit the future by working beyond disciplines and building bridges with

  • industry,
  • institutions,
  • and communities.

Our incredible people and partners take us beyond the lives we’re living today, to find solutions to the global challenges that lie ahead.

Waterloo goes beyond—to challenge, connect and propel our world.

There are free scholarships for African students and other international students to apply for the University of Waterloo scholarship.

In the other section, you can apply based on your degree.

  • Masters scholarships
  • Undergraduate scholarships
  • PhD Scholarships

Undergraduate Programs – Entrance scholarships

For those who are searching for entrance scholarships undergraduate level, the scholarship is available for international students to apply, and study any of the courses in the university.
Most of these scholarships are fully funded, while others are partially funded.

These scholarships enable the institution to celebrate and recognize students who want to study abroad achievement.

Entrance scholars are available if you want to start full-time first-year degree studies, and also starting university or college for the first time.

Most scholarships do not require an application, but there are some exceptions.

  • The Scholarships are offered in mid-May once the University is updated grades from Ontario high schools. Details will be listed in your Waterloo Quest account starting in mid-May. Look for the Entrance Awards tab beside the name of your program.
  • Scholarships are awarded primarily on academic and personal achievement.
    1. Bursaries,
    2. Another type of assistance,
    3. is awarded based on financial need.

We always advise students who want to apply for scholarships to visit the scholarship awarded website. Find the Full list of entrance scholarships awards and bursaries for uwaterloo.ca.

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral

This is for an international student who undertakes master’s degree programs that are research based, at the University of Waterloo for the award of excellence (IMAE).

Award type:


Award description:

The International Master’s Award of Excellence, valued at $2,500 per term for a maximum of five full-time terms within the allowable program time limits (6 terms), will be awarded to eligible international master’s students.

Normally entering a research-based graduate program at the University of Waterloo. Faculties will nominate eligible students based on the Faculty’s award allocation.

Students will be selected based on academic excellence as demonstrated through their application for admission to the graduate program.



Value description:

Award valued at $2,500 per term for a maximum of five terms.

Eligibility & selection criteria:

  • You must have a valid Canadian study permit who is registered full-time and assessed international tuition fees.
  • Normally given to students in research-based programs (thesis or major research paper).
  • It Will normally only be given to students entering the first term of their program (term 1.0).
  • You must demonstrate academic excellence through criteria established by the Faculty.
  • Students must meet the academic progress requirements of their program and not have outstanding probationary admission requirements.
  • The award could be in addition to other internal or external scholarships (e.g.,
    1. UW Graduate Scholarship,
    2. OGS,
  • The scholarships are different than sponsorships.
  • Students should not be concurrently receiving foreign government or agency sponsorship (e.g., China Scholarship Council, Libyan sponsorship, etc) or be fully or partially self-funded in excess of the Faculty’s minimum levels of support.
  • If you are grandparents under the existing IMSA program you cannot be nominated for an IMAE; however, a student previously awarded an IMSA for a previously completed master’s degree can be nominated for an IMAE.
  • You will be automatically considered for this award based on your application for admission. Departments and/or Faculty will define your own internal process by which they select recipients based on the eligibility criteria and allocation.
  • Faculties may impose stricter eligibility criteria as appropriate.

What you need to know before you can apply for the University of Waterloo scholarship 2021/2022

  • Level: Masters
  • Program: Open to any program
  • Citizenship: International/study permit
  • Selection process: The student selected automatically by Faculty/Department
  • Term: Winter, Spring, Fall

New PhD scholarships and fellowships

The Faculty of Engineering announced 20 Ph.D. Fellowships for Canadian/Permanent Resident students and, an increase in Entrance Awards valued at $5000.

(A) Engineering Excellence Doctoral Fellowships (EEDF)

These Fellowships are valued at $120,000 ($30,000 per year over 4 years) and can be held in any research area within the Faculty of Engineering.

(B) Advanced Manufacturing PhD Fellowships

These Fellowships are valued at $160,000 ($40,000 per year over 4 years) and can only be held by students carrying out research in the area of Advanced Manufacturing.

(C) Entrance Awards

The Faculty of Engineering will offer up to 40 Entrance Awards

University of Waterloo Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships
The University of Waterloo Scholarships For Undergraduate & Postgraduate (BSc, MSc, and PhD)


However, to be eligible for these Fellowships and Awards, you must have submitted a complete application to your program of choice by the application deadline.

We advise the applicant to submit an application for OGS/QEII-GSST by the same deadline.

Current MASc students who plan to transfer to the PhD will be considered automatically.

How to be considered

There is no separate application process for Ph.D. Fellowships or the entrance awards. Eligible will be considered automatically and be notified by a letter.

Minimum Funding

All full-time PhD applicants who are qualified for the offer will receive minimum financial support of $96,000 (paid over 4 years).

Scholarship Summary

  • University: University of Waterloo
  • Country: Canada
  • Study Level: BSc, MSc, and PhD
  • Eligibility: International students
  • Deadline: Ongoing

To access the full University of Waterloo Scholarships application websites then kindly visit the following links

  1. BSc Scholarship: https://uwaterloo.ca/future-students/financing/scholarships
  2. MSc Scholarship: https://uwaterloo.ca/graduate-studies-postdoctoral-affairs/awards/international-masters-award-excellence-imae
  3. PhD Scholarships: https://uwaterloo.ca/engineering/future-graduate-students/100-awards-and-fellowships/new-phd-scholarships-and-fellowships
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