Apply For Scholarship in Atlantic International University 2021/2022

Scholarship in Atlantic International University goal is to inspire its students to define their purpose in life, mission, and legacy while integrating the 17 UNESCO 2030 goals.

Scholarship in Atlantic International University
Atlantic International University Scholarship 2021

We seek the evolution of each student through their program at AIU, which serves as a bridge that allows them to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. AIU offers Postgraduate and Graduate distance learning degree programs for adult learners.

Scholarship in Atlantic International University

is the bridge so you can achieve your dreams. We are a higher learning institution concerned about generating cultural development alternatives likely to be sustained in order to lead to a more efficient administration of the world village and its environment; exerting human and community rights through diversity with the ultimate goal of the satisfaction and evolution of the world. Whether you are looking for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate online programs. AIU will support you to achieve your goals as we did with thousands of our international Alumni.



Multidimensional Andragogic: Principles of student “self-instruction”, (with guidance), collaborative development of curriculum unique to each student, and flexibility of time and place of study, provides the ideal learning environment.

Fulfill your needs

Our Primary goal at Atlantic International University is to accommodate adult students by meeting their individual needs. For this reason, our degree programs are flexible and have been designed for professionals to be able to complete part-time and at the pace their life permits.

Based on Human Rights

At AIU we believe Education is a fundamental Human Right. Programs are based on andragogy, open learning, and omniology. This paradigm shift in educational methodology increases access, sustainability, and affordability.

Atlantic International University Available Programs

  1. Certificate Programs
  2. Associate Programs
  3. Bachelor’s Programs
  4. Master’s Programs
  5. Doctorate Programs
  6. Postdoctoral Programs provides you with many tools to ensure your success. Most important of all, every AIU student is assigned a tutor and an academic advisor. Once you log in to the student section of your AIU Virtual Campus, communications and assignments can be sent directly to your tutor and academic advisor. They will respond within 24-48 hours. Complete assignments online or offline at your convenience with 24/7 access to distance learning through AIU’s Virtual Campus. Step by Step guides including videos, tutorials, live webinars, and examples for each course. All materials can be access on all web browsers as well as via AIU’s Mobile App which brings all the features of the Virtual Camus to your Mobile Device. Direct interaction with all aspects of the university including advisor and tutor. Access to hundreds of new online courses which you can select from.

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The Goal is a highly targeted curriculum with relevant academic content. During Phase One of the program students define the content of their academic journey keeping in mind their past, present, and most importantly future goals. Thus the program seeks for each student to define their future goals, dreams and work towards achieving them as part of their AIU journey. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all seek a purpose in life and the AIU Pledge encourages students to find it and discover the rewards of doing what they were always meant to do in life

IU is working on the UN’s sustainable development goals by 2030.

AIU focuses on the empowerment of its student towards the convergence of the world’s sustainable development. At AIU, we know each student is unique and unrepeatable, and capable of improving the world we live in. Thousands of resources are available to our students in order to support their efforts to achieve UN 2030 goals in their communities, countries, and globally. AIU has been working to improve our world every day by supporting our students since 1998. AIU is proud of its +6,000 Alumni from over 160 countries.

As a University founded on the ideals that education is a human right it is imperative that we realize that a significant portion of the world population lacks basic necessities to guarantee their human rights. Thus, through the AIU Pledge found in MYAIU, we ask students to make a commitment/pledge to contribute by finding synergies in what they do personally and professionally that can contribute to achieving the 17 UNESCO 2030 Goals.

Online Library

The AIU Online Library gives users instant online access to more than 275 million records in 470 languages from 112 counties. The Library Resources include 244,000 books in electronic format and over 15.9 million full-text journals, articles, and periodicals. The AIU Online Library holdings are constantly being updated. A new record is added every 10 seconds ensuring the research material available is at the cutting edge and keeping up with our rapidly changing world.

Student Publications

Sharing research and knowledge is a vital component for the growth and advancement of our society in a sustainable and responsible way. In order to contribute, AIU has implemented the “Open Access” Initiative with academic work, select courses, scientific research, projects, and other scholarly work by students, faculty, and other contributors seeking increased access to Higher Education by making learning materials and research publicly accessible.

Media Center

Through various means (AIUTV, webinars, publications, AIU Blog, the Campus Mundi Magazine, AIULink the university social-media/networking platform, and Press Room news and Interviews) the university shares its member’s achievements with the world. Academic advisors and students actively contribute to their community, profession, and the world as the mission, values, and ethos of the university live on and reflect through their actions and accomplishments. The Media Center also serves as a means/forum where important projects, collaborations, research, views, initiatives, and passions can be shared with the AIU community and stakeholders worldwide.

How to Apply for Atlantic International University Scholarships 2021/2022

Interested candidates for the Atlantic International University Scholarships 2021 should visit the virtual school website, with the address below.
The first phase of the application is to request information through a virtual form.
We also encourage you to share your experience through the comment section below.
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