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2023/2024 List of Low Cost MBA Universities in Canada

Universities in Canada

You can consider Canada as one of your favorite destinations to become a certified business degree. There are different Low Cost MBA Universities in Canada you can afford without breaking your savings. Many international students are gaining admission into Canada to get an MBA. Students from countries like India, South Africa, and China are making the highest number of students migrating from their country of residence to Canada.

The country has wide recognition when it comes to students traveling to earn a graduate degree in business. For many international students, their dream is to qualify for the low Cost MBA Universities in Canada. Canada is a well-known country offering top education and opening doors to prospective students aiming to acquire a world-class education. The country is ready to accept you as long as you are eligible to bag either degrees, diplomas, or certificates.

What is an MBA?

MBA means Master of Business Administration. It is a graduate degree for business students. The main essence of the program is to equip you in various aspects such as technical, entrepreneurial, leadership, and managerial. When you are privileged to gain admission into low-cost Mba in Canada, you can fill in these positions:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Investment Banker
  • Sales Director
  • Public Relations Director
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Chief Technology Officer, etc.

The MBA degree is renowned in some countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, France, etc. If you are an international student, you will find it hard to get into these low-cost Mba in Canada. An MBA in Canada will cost you approximately $100,000 and above. On the other hand, we have cheap ones around $38,000 to $45,000.

Reasons to Study in Canada

The country is one of the best in the world for anyone to get an MBA degree. There are numerous reasons to study for MBA in this country:

  • International Recognition:

    When you study in Canada, there is no country you won’t use a certificate either a graduate or diploma to acquire a professional job in any country. The country offers high-quality education using world-class facilities.

  • Studying and Working Simultaneously:

    As an international student, you have the opportunity to study and work at the same time. During school hours, you can work for up to 20 hours and work full time during their holidays. The good thing about working and studying in Canada is based on the fact you can earn a working experience in your field.

  • Maximum Safety and Security:

    There is no place you would stay in Canada without having maximum security and safety. The country is one of the countries in the world with the lowest crime rates. As a result, you can start any business in Canada without being afraid of crime and theft.

  • Easy Immigration:

    International students with the right Canadian credentials can migrate to Canada. Also, there are years you have to stay in Canada before you can apply to get a permanent residency. When you get this permanent residency, you will become an eligible Canadian citizen.

  • Multicultural Environment:

    Most of the different cultures in the world are in Canada because many students come from different parts of the world. Besides learning about other cultures, there are high opportunities to learn indigenous things such as culture, food, ethnic clubs, etc.

Low-Cost MBA in Canada

These are the universities offering low-cost Mba in Canada:

  1. Memorial University of Newfoundland:

    It is one of the prominent business universities in Canada. They have a total population of more than 18,000 students aiming to acquire an MBA degree. The school has four different faculties for students. In the world ranking, it ranks 23rd competitive with other universities in the world. The tuition fee for an MBA degree is $4,833 and you can enroll in the school.

  2. University of New Brunswick:

    In 1785, the University of Brunswick came into existence. It is the oldest university where the English language happens to be the official language for transmitting knowledge to students. It is ideal for both indigenous and international students searching for a low-cost Mba in Canada. There are graduate and doctoral degrees with at least a tuition fee for MBA in Business Administration and Juris Doctor.

  3. Laval University:

    No way you can list out universities offering low-cost Mba in Canada without adding Laval university to the list. In 1663, the school was established and it has been in operation for many centuries. French is the official language used as the language command for students. The school is ranked 400 globally and it is one of the high-class schools with a tuition fee of $14,774.

  4. University of Victoria:

    The university is located in British Columbia and it is public based comprising more than 21,000 students. In the past, the school had some partnerships with McGill University. Presently, they are operating as an independent school. It is one of the low-cost Mba in Canada to possess an MBA degree with a tuition fee of $12,737.

  5. McMaster University:

    If you want a renowned university in Canada, then you can apply for admission to study at McMaster University. The school ranks 5th in Canada and it is one of the best in courses like Researching Science and Engineering. Therefore, if you are passionate about research, you can consider the school as a better option, and the tuition fee is $19,868.

  6. Concordia University:

    It is another ranking university for Low-Cost MBA Universities in Canada. The ranking for their MBA in Canada is ranking 5th in Canada, while in the globe, it is ranked 24th. Many international students migrate from their country of residence to Canada as a result of the affordable tuition fee. Also, you can enroll in this university and earn a Mba degree.

  7. Carleton University:

    The university is an institution for people wanting to offer international business courses and entrepreneurship. Sprott School of Business is a renowned faculty school. Also, they have won numerous awards. This had led to the institution having a high reputation among other low-cost Mba in Canada, and the tuition fee for the program is $26,918.

Many Canadian universities offer affordable tuition fees for international students to pay. If you are struggling or finding it hard to search for a low cost Mba in Canada, you can apply to study in any of the institutions when you visit our homepage.

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