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How To Use MTN *904# Demand Code To Recharge your Phone

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How To Use MTN *904# Demand Code Recharge your Phone
You don’t need to stress your self going to buy scratch card and no need to scratch your card anymore.
MTN *904# is a mobile USSD Code that will enable users to ease of buying airtime and data directly from your bank account to your mobile phone, at your convenience time, no matter where you are.
The *904# is called MNT ON Demand.

How can I buy Airtime/Data with the *904# code?

You need to know how to use MTN *904# Demand to buy airtime with code. Kindly dial *904# to find the menu or open your phone and dial *904*500# to buy airtime only.

What are the benefits of the *904# code?

After doing this, what will you benefits of the MTN demand code?.
Below are all you need to know about the benefit of *904# code.

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  1. Convenience (you offer to buy airtime at any time, and anywhere)
  2. Ease of purchase
  3. You will no longer scratch again
  4. No hidden charges on your account or airtime
  5. Now you will not be having any network issues again.
  6. Fast, Simple and instant (No more delays)
  7. Multiple purchase (strictly for the MTN number linked to any of your account)

How To Use MTN *904# Demand Code Recharge your Phone

  • Daily *904#, a promotion option will appear containing the bank list you registered or have account with. Kindly choose the bank where you want to be charged of the airtime purchase been Gtbank, First Bank and other banks in Nigeria.
  • Input the account number, after your insert it, click the send icon.
  • Finally step, you have to provide the input required and confirmed the pin. The Pin will be what you will use on your transaction key.

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