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How to Check GoTV Account Details – Pay for GOTV

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How to check GoTv balance details – pay for GoTv, you don’t need to sign in any longer. Follow your card details and click the proceed.
The reason of this article is to help and resolve your GOTV problems, many people have this problem of getting connected after payment.
As the GOTV subscriber, you will have to know your Gotv account balance after payment, so this piece will help you through.
Take your time and read from this beginning to the end of this content. Make sure you try it out immediately and be free to share your experience thereafter.

Here are most simple method to check GoTV account balance after payment.

How to Check GoTV Balance Details – Pay for GOTV

Checking of GoTV balance is quick easier so you have nothing to worry about. Now you have two options in checking your Gotv balance which, either check balance via SMS or GoTV website on PC or mobile web.

How To Check GoTV Balance via SMS

Here are the procedures for checking of your Gotv balance;

  1. Create a new SMS on your Phone

    How to Check GoTV Balance Details - Pay for GOTV

    How to Check GoTV Balance Details – Pay for GOTV

  2. Type “BALANCE” give a space and followed by IUC number or your GoTV smart card number and send to 4688.
  3. In a short time, you will get a response containing the details you seek for.

How To Check My GOTV Balance Online

Checking of GOTV balance online is very simple so follow the steps below to check your balance online.

  1. ♦ Go to GoTV website www-eazy-gotvafrica-com
  2. ♦ Point and click on the Menu icon
  3. ♦ Click the LIST MENU, tap on “EAZY SELF SERVICE”
  4. ♦ Once you click on the eazy self service list. now click on “MY ACCOUNT”
  5. ♦ Sign in with your IUC number and mobile phone number
  6. ♦ Wait for a second while your GOTV account details will be displayed on the screen.

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For more enquiry please kindly meet with the GOTV customer service agent online in order to help you check your balance if you want it that way.
Please make sure you indicate your country when signing in your enquiry.
Your installer can as well help you out, if you may ask him.


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