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How To Reset Facebook Account, Facebook Forgotten Password

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How To Reset Facebook Account, Facebook Forgotten Password
No one seem to understan Facebook these days by reseting their users account.
If you can not login to Facebook account anymore, what you need to do is to change your Facebook password.
These steps might be difficult because most of the Email account might not be recognize but with you mobile phone number. You can reset your Facebook account.

This thing here happened to me. I thought my Facebook Account has been hacked when Facebook rejected my new password when i tried to reset it.

Login Facebook as Tom Smith

Respond from Facebook “You’ve entered an old password” i never change my password it but i became scared.

Your Facebook password was changed about 2 to 3 months ago, which i never changed it.
However, if you don’t remember your Facebook password change then click the link for Facebook help center.

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At this point, your Facebook account is no longer active anymore, so you don’t need to login to Facebook again but to request for new password.

Note: if you can not recover Facebook account then you need to sign up new Facebook account.

The advice i have for Facebook users is to change their Facebook password at-least twice in a month.
It will be wise to add your mobile phone number to your Facebook account.
Another thing is to make sure your Yahoo mail account is active. Don’t fail to visit your yahoo account, as for Gmail or Hotmail, you don’t have problem with your email account.

How To Reset Facebook Account, Facebook Forgotten Password

  1. Got to
  2. Click on recover my Facebook account or Recover your account.
  3. If you’re Smith Mark Facebook user then click “Send Code via Email”
  4. Send Code via SMS with your phone number.
  5. Click Continue to enter your new password.
  6. Enter your new password and re-enter it again.
  7. Click Login.
  8. Please make sure you Logout from Facebook account and try to login again.

If you still have problem with your account then feel free to leave your comment here.

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