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How to Delete My Profile From Mobile App/Web

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How to delete shaadi account
Why people are fun of doing this?
How to delete my Shaadi account? Ask any thing, Google will answer you, Here i will show you ” how to delete your account or profile” no mater now hard it my look, there is a solution to it.
It’s is very easy to delete shaadi account remove profile or Hide
NOTE: if you are not yet a member, this article is not for you. Do you wish to become member? click this link to sign up Shaadi account.

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To delete your account you need to login and follow the steps whether is to hide account, close my Shaadi profile permanently or Delete Shaadi account.
The most important thing is to visit or install Shaadi app before you can delete your shaadi account from your mobile phone.

How To Delete Shaadi Account

  1. GO to
  2. Click the Login or Sign in shaadi icon and login with your username and password.
  3. Click My Profile and click “ACCOUNT SETTINGS” at the right corner.
  4. Now Select the left menu “HIDE/DELETE PROFILE” (Right here, you will see only option after your shaadi profile has been reviewed and verified. Wait until the the option appear).
  5. If your Profile is currently visible then you can hide it or delete your profile from
  6. Tap or click the DELETE button and delete.
  7. Make sure you indicate why you want to remove your shaadi account (E.g Found my match elsewhere>Friend network) and then hide the delete button when you are done.
  8. Confirm that you sure to delete your account
  9. Once you delete your account, you will be logged out automatically and a message will appear on your screen.
  10. Profile deleted (Your Shaadi account has been deleted or close)

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NOTE: the moment you delete your shaadi account, you will lost all Data including messages and friends contact.

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