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How To Delete Hot OR Not/Deactivate HotorNot Account

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Why you can’t delete hot or not account?
Are you sure you really want to delete your hot or not profile. You have one step to make.
If you can’t remember your hot or not forgot password then you need to reset hotornot account before you can delete hot or not account on iphone, Android and other mobile device.

Hot or Not Settings

Most of this has been done from settings, most important factors in benefiting and your time in Hot or Not, having an account set up just the way you like it. So you might want to tweak it a bit, on how to delete hot or not account on iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

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If you really wish to delete Hot or Not account, you need to login your Hot or Not account and click on the Cog icon (Settings) at the top right corner of your profile page.
In order to understand, please kindly follow the method below to delete Hot or Not Account/deactivate Hot or Not account from your app or Hot or Not web.

how to delete hot or not account/Deactivate HotorNot Account

  1. Open the HOT OR NOT App from your phone
  2. Login to Hot or Not app and click on the “SETTINGS”
  3. Select Account under the settings at the end of the account basic info.
  4. Make sure you activate the :HIDE ACCOUNT” option (Note you can still come back later if you wish to reactivate it).
  5. Select the “DELETE ACCOUNT” at the bottom of the hot or not list.
  6. Enter the Reason why you want to delete your hotornot account (Why you want to Close hot or not account. i.g. I don’t find hot or not useful or Others).
  7. Congratulations your Hot or Not account has successfully been deleted and you will receive a confirmation of it on the screen.
  8. Tap or Click “Okay”

I deleted my profile but I want it back! How can I reactivate it?

If you want to delete you Hot or Not account in such away you can come back, then you will receive a reactivate confirmation email.
We are going to show you how you can delete HotorNot profile and come back when ever you want to.

  1. Go to Hot or Not Page
  2. Click on the Hot or Not reactivate to reactivate your profile.
  3. Now fine the hot or not confirmation email that was sent to you when you deleted your profile.
  4. Click the confirmation link it contains.
  5. Note: the Hot or Not reactivation link valid for 30 days from the day you deleted Hot or Not account.
  6. If you have been more than 30 days since you got the confirmation email then.
  7. Kindly create new Hot or Not new profile account.
  8. Tap or click Hot or Not “SIGN UP” page to start a new account.

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