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How to Cancel Capital One Credit Card – Apply For Credit Card

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Do you mean how to cancel capital one credit card or you want to close your credit card account?.
Before thanking a decision to cancel your credit card, you must have a reason for that.
canceling capital one credit card the right way will require you to follow a specific method to cancel the credit card account for good.
Here’s all you need to know and learn to cancel capital one credit card successfully.
Ask yourself these questions before you cancel your credit card.

Do I really need to cancel my credit card?

Or is it better to just put away my credit card and not use it than to cancel it?
However, having an available line of credit on a card with Zero balance will help your credit score, if the terms improve then you can make use of it in the future.

Maybe you can’t take charge of your spending and need to remove the temptation.

You are paying an annual fee for a card you do not use for long.

We’ve taken a proper look on those case and is better to cancel credit cards since they are unnecessarily costing money from you.

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  1. Step One in canceling a credit card:
  2. Evaluate Impact on Credit Score

Before you think of closing the credit card account, you must consider the effect on your credit score.
Cancel a credit card doesn’t mean that its payment information comes off your credit report.

At this point of open accounts, positive credit data may stay on the credit report.
Closed accounts with 0 balance without associated negative information will remain on the credit history for 10 years from the day they are reported closed.

Most bad marks on any credit report or your credit report have an expiration date which makes it quicker. Uner Fair Credit reporting account, negative data as late payments and foreclosure have to come off the credit report after 7 good years.

If the account is no longer positive, is charged off the sent to collections, the original account with any subsequent collection account will be deleted.

Want to close your Capital one credit card account?

It’s painful for Capital one credit card officials to see you go but they have no other options than to provide an easy way to close capital one online credit card account.

Sign in to your capital one card account to shows that you’re the rightful owner of the credit card you want to close.
There is a direction under close card account to follow and what to keep in mind when you close or cancel credit card account online.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the capital one Sign in card account.
  3. Select I Want To close the account and follow the directions to close or cancel your account online.


  • Your capital one or other card you close online will no longer active which means that all future transactions will be declined as I told you, but any charges you made before closing card account will still post.
  • Ensure that you stop any monthly automatic payments or preauthorized charges on your account.
  • You’ll have to make a minimum monthly payment until your account balance reaches 0 balance.
  • In most cases, you’ll close or cancel your rewards the moment you close your account. You may like to use up any points you have accumulated before closing your account.
  • A statement will be sent to you until your balance reaches zero.

How to get a credit card

After closing the credit card account, you may want to get a new credit card account but you want to find out how to get a credit card online. We’re going to help you to find the best credit card online.

World Mastercard giving you the flexibility to explore the place and pursuits what matters most to you.

There are most of the master class credit card you can use for everyday purchased and beyond.
Find the Mastercard that’s right for you
No card is more accepted around the world.

  • Cashback
  • 0% APR
  • Fair Credit
  • Balance Transfers
  • Secured
  • Low Interest
  • Travel & Airline
  • Rewards
  • Small Business
  • Students card
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Foreign Transaction Fee

Visiting from has the card category for you to pick up the best credit card you want to apply.

The start of this article based on Capital one card, therefore So we’re going to use Capital one cash rewards credit card where you can earn $150 to $500 on purchases within the first 3 months from account opening.

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How to Cancel Capital One Credit Card

After you read the Capital one savor cash rewards credit card details from the image, click the Card Apply online button.

How to Cancel Capital One Credit Card

Read the Capital one savor cash rewards credit card details from the image, click the Card Apply online button.

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