How Does The Effects Loop on a Vintage Vibe Piano Work?

This is what you don’t know which we going to show you how the effects loop on a Vintage Vibe Piano work.
We discover many people really find it difficult to find solution to their problems.

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Do you know the effect loop on a vintage vibe piano? why it’s work perfectly? So we are going to give out steps that you will learn from here.
First of all you need to visit vintage vibe groove hq official website.
Click on the help under “VV Electric Piano” a list of article will show on the site.
Choose any of it and apply.

How does the effects loop on a Vintage Vibe Piano work?

  • Note: the effect’s loop is MONO and is situated between the hard and as well the preamplifier.
  • However, the signal coming out of the SEND is a passive or strong signal.
  • The Signal will then coming back to the RETURN will be routed thought the preamplifier and impacted by the volume, eq, and tremolo accordingly.

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