Tracking Your FedEx Shipment or Packages – FedEx Tracking Contact Number

FedEx tracking contact number – If you have an issues with your shipping and you want to contact fedex phone number without tracking your shipping then you need to visit FedEx official page.

In this content, we are going to show you how to use the FedEx tracking contact number to know where your package been landing.


We shows our reader how to contact FedEx customer Service email and today we are about to let you learn free FedEx tracking number.
Without taking much of your time, We are already have a wonderful tips for you to track your packages through FedEx tracking website.
FedEx tracking number may work using FedEx online account or may be no need.

What You Need To Know About FedEx Tracking Number:

FedEx tracking contact numberTo begin with this steps, go to the home page and provide the shipment tracking number, door tag number or FedEx Office order number in the Track a Shipment module.
When you are done, click the “Track” button from the the tracking details result screen.

Ensure you save shipment tracking numbers so it will be easier to return later and check shipping status anytime.

Make sure you create what we call FedEx Watch List where you can monitor shipment and stay updated on shipment that may encounter problems or delays on the way.

If a delivery delay occurs, the shipment status is highlighted in red.

Track Smarter said is very important to empower your customer with the information they wish to know or want, and they will reward you with their loyalty.
Begin your day with the new FedEx Tracking module on the portal.

Need information about FedEx package?
Please call 1.800.Go FedEx 1.800.463.3339.
All customers can also track their status of shipment online at

Check Shipment without FedEx Tracking number.

If you do not have access to FedEx tracking number then you can still track shipment using Track by Reference.


With FedEx Track by Reference, customers can track their shipments using the reference numbers already assigned to a shipment with or without FedEx account number.

Please note: only a Unique matches will display on the screen when tracking by reference without FedEx account number.
If many result are found for the same reference number then you have to select a FedEx service before taping the “Resubmit all” button.

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Therefore, if a unique match cannot be found, then you will be prompted to enter the account number.

Customers can track packages without the tracking contact number by using FedEx advanced tracking tools FedEx Tracking and FedEx InSight.

FedEx Contact Information

For more information, please visit FedEx website to learn more

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