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Best Method To Delete Meetme Account/Deactivate MeetMe Permanently

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No matter how social media will be, users must seek for second thought to delete/deactivate account just like the way you are looking forward to Delete Meetme Account/Deactivate MeetMe Permanently on your mobile phone.
Millions of other people chatting on MeetMe dating and social media. If you are new then you can become the meetme user to make friends and meet new people for fun, friendly and free offer to join.

THIS, article is for those who are already a member of MeetMe dating app and there are willing to lose their account base on one-and-two things.
Note; if you don’t remember your MeetMe login details like ID, Password or Username then you will not be able to delete MeetMe account or to deactivate MeetMe account permanently from your device.

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At this point, you can reset your MeetMe login users, we will reserve this very topic for another day. Let get started on ho to delete Meetme account/deactivate MeetMe permanently from App and MeetMe Web.

There is every possibility you can deactivate MeetMe account and not activate it back again, but anything that will make you to close MeetMe account (Delete MeetMe) then you will not be able to get your account back.
First of all follow the step to Login MeetMe account so that you can delete your meetme account or deactivate it.


  1. Go to MeetMe web or MeetMe app
    Best Method To Delete Meetme Account/Deactivate MeetMe Permanently
  2. Click the Meetme login section and follow the instruction to sign in to meetme account.
  3. Enter your Email address or your meetme username
  4. Provide your correct password and follow the final step.
  5. Click SIGN IN or LOGIN button and quickly find your Profile.

Here we GO…

How To Delete Meetme Account/Deactivate MeetMe Permanently

It may be difficult to remove your MeetMe account in the App but we can still figure it out.
However, i will advice you to use desktop computer to which you will find it easy to close your meetme profile.

  1. ♦ Now Go to official site on your PC.
  2. ♦ Sign in using the first steps.
  3. ♦ Click on the MeetMe SETTINGS icon from the upper right corner.
  4. ♦ Follow the droop-down menu, click on “ACCOUNT” under settings.
  5. ♦ This option will make it become visible once the Deactivate account appear. Then you need to choose it.
  6. ♦Here is your final step. It brings you to your Email. Provide your Email details for removal. Remember once you click Deactivat Account now, your meetme account is gone. Are you sure you want to deactivate your account? Then click now.

♦ Congratulations!!! Your MeetMe account has successfully been deleted. Note; you’ll be redirected to MeetMe homepage.

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