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Learn How to Delete KAKAOTALK Account or Deactivate Your Account

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If you have kakao tal account before and you feel like to delete kakaotalk accout/deactivate kakaotalk account from your PC/mobile.
Then you are in the right place, wait for a minute while we are going to show you how to delete KAKAOTALK account/deactivate KAKAOTALK account but you need to Login to Kakao account first.

What is KAKAO Account?

Kakao account enable users to establish one email address that can easily used to log in to all Kakao’s application and other Kakao linked services such as Kakaotalk account.
However, user are to link only one Kakao account to Kakaotalk.

How to Delete KAKAOTALK account/Deactivate KAKAOTALK Account

Now let get started; Do you want to delete KAKAOTALK account/deactivate KAKAOTALK account? Then let get in there.
However, to deactivate or delete kakaotalk account, open your kakaotalk app and then select “kakaotalk SETTINGS”

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NOTE: After selecting your Kakaotalk account settings, you will be able to see the “SUPPORT” link under the support, select “Undergister Kakaotalk.

What Will Happen After Deleting My KakaoTalk Account?

The moment you select Unregister kakaotalk option all your information including photos will lost and there will be no process to get any of your lost data back again.
Click to select “ALL DATA WILL BE DELETED” the unregister Button light up.
Select Kakaotalk Unregister Button and Pop up will appear.
When the pop up shows that means you have successfully deleted Kakaotalk account or deactivated Kakaotalk account.

Important Note:

Please do not try to login to KakaoTalk account again. Otherwise it will be automatically reactive.

If you still have issues with your KAKAOTALK account or you don’t understand the steps given then use then comment section to ask us your questions.
NOTE: We will answer your questions as soon as possible. Also remember to share this post on social media.

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