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Salesforce is a United State cloud computing company. The cloud computing will eliminate those headaches that come with storing ob your personal data, because you are not taking care of the hardware and software that becomes responsibility of an experienced vendor like the official Salesforce.

If you are not yet a member then you will not be able to access Salesforce website. Start Salesforce free try.

What you need to know the cloud computing and the 3 types of cloud computing.
Here are 3 types of cloud computing;

  1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):

    This is a third party hosts elements of infrastructure, such as the following

    • hardware,
    • software,
    • servers, and
    • storage, also
    • providing backup,
    • security, and
    • maintenance.
  2. Software as a Service (SaaS):

    Using the cloud, software such as an internet browsers or Application is be capable to become a usable tool.

  3. Platform as a Service (PaaS):

    A branch of Cloud computing that users to develop, run and manage application without getting caught up in code, storage, infrastructure and so on.
    However, there are several type of PaaS. Cloud Computing Solutions Salesforce Registration

There are PaaS whos options are public, private or a hypird mix of the two.

  1. PUBLIC PaaS
    Here is hosted in the cloud and infrastructure managed by the provider.
  2. PRIVATE PaaS:
    This is like a housed in on website servers or private networks and capable to maintained by the user.
  3. HYBRID PaaS;
    Uses elements from the two side, public and private, and it also capable of executing applications from thousands cloud infrastructures.

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How To Create Cloud Computing Solutions Salesforce Registration

Once your sign up Salesforce, you stand a chance to get full year of G suite by GOOGLE CLOUD at no cost.

With Salesforce, you can:

  • √ Set up simple lead scoring and routing
  • √ Automate repetitive tasks
  • √ Get a full view of rep, team, and pipeline performance

To complete Salesforce registration form for your free trial, fill the following form below.

  1. Go to salesforce registration website www salesforce com
  2. Enter you full name e.g First & Last Name
  3. Type in your JOB TITILE
  4. Provide your valid Email address and your mobile phone number.
  5. Enter your Company name
  6. Select Employees and your country.
  7. Click the box to agree to the teams and conditions.
  8. Finally: Click the “START MY FREE TRIAL” to complete your free trail.

If you want to register Salesforce Premium account, feel free to leave your comment here.

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