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Connecting students with one of the best Boarding Schools US, online.
No matter where you are from, you can study in United State (US) without searching for accommodation.

Boarding schools online make it easy to study Abroad in any of the Universities you applied for.

Boarding Schools US

We guide you to search for the best possible secondary education option that will be suite your child.
Our program “US plus Boarding School” is specially planned for highly motivated students from 10 and 17 years of age, that wish to continue their studies in US and graduate from a United State (US) school.
Let’s cover the way to your child’s successful future together.

Going to school and staying abroad for a period of time is a marks the start of a new chapter in life – it gives the young people confidence to broaden their horizon, to impact their language skills and to develop independence. Furthermore, it cover the way to a successful future in a job market that becoming more important international.

Are you checking out a private school for your Child?

Parenting may be a magical ride crammed with amazing surprises and never-ending decisions at every turn. And your child’s education?! Now that’s a troublesome one.

To search for the proper schools to match the INDIVIDUAL personalities of your children and expose them to ascertain the planet as global citizens – Think TABS!

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) life’s work and mission is to attach parents to a world of endless opportunities, providing you stress-relieving resources to helping your child settle within the us or Canada. you furthermore may get to satisfy admission representatives from almost 300 top-notch colleges and preparatory boarding houses – in big cities and rural communities while also receiving guidance on the appliance and visa procedures.

The Spring Semester is now open for Registration. Visit and found out your profile now. On TABS Connect platform, create a profile to start out exploring from home with the varsity finder tool to seek out the simplest fit your child and obtain insightful answers to FAQs.

US – Bing one of the global leaders in research and science and providing an excellent educational system – is the perfect place to pursue such an experience! during a globalized world, where knowledge is taken into account because the most vital resource, Germany offers excellent opportunities to get the inspiration for a successful international career.


  • Program started in 2010
  • 900 students enrolled
  • 45 nationalities
  • 40 partner boarding schools

Benefits for Parents

  • All services from one partner
  • Two prestigious boarding schools for German as a foreign language
  • Intensive support and supervision of your child
  • More than 40 years of experience with teaching international students
  • Cooperation with renowned boarding schools all over Germany

Benefits for Students

  • Fast and efficient German preparation
  • Insight into life and culture in Germany
  • Excellent academics
  • Development of personality and independence
  • Friendly and familiar atmosphere with intensive support and supervision
  • Entrance ticket for university in Germany
  • Laying the foundation for an international career


TABS doesn’t “match up” schools and students, and that we don’t schedule interviews on your behalf. we offer the database and platform for you to look students. There are not any specific fair dates per country, nor live broadcasts — you’ll simply mark the dates you’re available/unavailable. You see, when the platform was originally created, there was still an opportunity schools would still be ready to visit recruit this fall, so our dates needed to be set and communicated.


It’s a 2-way, 24/7 platform that introduces schools to students, and students to colleges via profiles. You’re ready to message students and that they can message you. When you’re ready, schedule a mutually convenient time to try to to an interview, have a one-to-one conversation, provides a webinar, etc. Just let families know where to satisfy you whether on Zoom, a Google Hangout or a Skype link.

Our Services

Thanks to our comprehensive experience in education and private school counseling combined with a network of quite 40 renowned partner boarding schools spread everywhere US, we are your competent partner for education in US! With the Watson Institute you receive all services from one partner: We accompany your child through the entire application process, the US course at the Watson Institute until the ultimate transition to the lyceum of your choice!
The aspired goal of our program “US Plus Boarding School” for international students is to end education in US and to graduate with the US education certificate for the end of secondary education (A-levels).

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The US that the entrance ticket for university admittance in US also as a key to a successful career reception .
For international students trying to find a short lived high-school experience in US, we established a special short-term private school program with selected partner boarding schools.

For both programs US courses in Watson Institute and Brookdale Community College
Middletown offer a superb language preparation and our counseling service takes you thru all application steps, anything from providing you with the required application forms to the ultimate transition to the varsity of your choice. This service is freed from charge together with the enrollment in our US courses.

Where are you from?

Choose your country before you can apply for your child to boarding schools in US.

If you live in the North America Region then select North America, Africa, Asia, Europe or other Region.

How Does It Work?

You need to set up set up a student profile to connect to US or other Regions.

  1. Start the URL link here:
  2. Register for your free account as a new user. Your Username will be emailed to you. Click on the link in that email to then log in.
  3. Click the Log in button or visit the link:
  4. Complete your Student Profile:
  5. Enter your date of birth
  6. Add Term of Enrollment you wish to enroll in a school
  7. Add the Grade you will be in next term when you plan to enroll
  8. Enter your Parent’s Name and Email (phone is optional)
  9. Provide your City and State (City, ST)
  10. Answer Questions 13 & 14 to give boarding schools more information about who you are, your interests and hobbies.
  11. Upload two photos (optional) of yourself, you and your family, you doing a sport, etc.
  12. Upload 3 documents (optional but strongly encouraged) a school transcript, your SSAT score, an art portfolio, etc.
  13. Choose “SAVE”

Follow the steps to register in your prefer region.


Official website to Boarding Schools: